7 Reasons Why “C” Students Become Most Successful In World

7 Reasons Why “C” Students Become Most Successful In World

A general perception that most people have is that if you study hard and manage to get an – A diploma, then it guarantees that you will get a great job that would pay well. Sadly, the reality is quite different. While, most positions do ask for a diploma, no one will actually scan your grades. After you graduate, the only thing that really matters is the knowledge you gained and your ability to function within the system.

7 Reasons Why “C” Students Become Most Successful In World 1

So, why is it that the students who barely got- C’s at the end of the semester grow to be super successful? Let us walk you through 7 reasons why “C” students become successful.

1. They understand what they want earlier than others

“C” – students don’t splurge much of their time on those insignificant classes we all have to. Simply put, if you are aiming to become a technician, you clearly don’t require writing hundreds of annoying essays on culture.

The C Students don’t stress about the required classes and focus more on vocation-related subjects that are helpful in their work. World renowned entrepreneur and innovator Steve Jobs didn’t finish college and still managed to reach the top of IT industry just because he believed in labor of love. In his speech addressed to Stanford graduates shared “The only way to succeed, is to love what you do. Keep looking, don’t settle”.

2. They get personal experience.

The so called C students start working much earlier than most of their peers, which may lower their scores as they skip few classes to make a living. However, even if they miss a few classes, they still get invaluable experience which even the “A+” graduates are missing. And we all are familiar with the fact that you are less probable to be hired without having actual experience.

3. They make networks.

While their “A+” peers are caught up in learning unessential subjects, the “C” students read heaps of practical and useful literature and at the same time they commune with dozens of people on a daily basis. To enter into today’s competitive job market; it’ll make a huge difference if one knows a bunch of famous and/or resourceful people therefore it is important to establish new contacts and to expand your circle.

4. They enjoy life.

While they are in college, the infamous “C” graders go to parties and at times they even come for their classes with a bit of a hangover, nonetheless, they do try their best to enjoy life. What’s interesting is that they continue to do the same when they start working. Simply put: joyful people are more successful as compared to those who remain grim all the time. This “take it easy” attitude towards life makes them fun to be around and excellent team players who will perk up the entire team. Their attitude and team skills are the exact thing that recruiters are looking for in a candidate these days.  Tense, negative people, regardless of how intellectual they are won’t be in the list of preferred candidates.

5. They find the simplest solutions.

Bill Gates is one example of a successful person who cannot boast about his college marks. Yet, he managed to reach the top of the success ladder by building Microsoft, one of the most successful IT corporations. Bill Gates is open-minded and contrasting others, he doesn’t look at grades or diploma. Furthermore, his philosophy is that “it is essential to think outside-the-box”. One of his famous inspiring quote is: “I will always choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because he will find an easy way to do it”.

6. They pursue their dreams.

Success comes from loving what you do. When you come to college you are young and may not understand what you really need. That’s why it is essential to know that you are not obliged to go after the career choices you made when you were 18 or, if your parents decided you career path for you. Learn from the example of the youngest female billionaire Elizabeth Holmes, she is revolutionizing medicine. Elizabeth dropped out of one of the most prestigious colleges i.e. Stanford to pursue her dreams.  Believe in the power of labor of love and pursue your dreams money will follow without a doubt.

7. They understand the meaning of struggle.

Success entails perseverance, emotional intelligence, passion and, above all, the skill to overcome failure. In business plus in life, you are bound to go through both ups and downs regardless of what grades you scored in college. The “C” students become more successful for the simple reason that they know the real meaning of struggle, from passing exams to earning money for starting their own business.

All things considered, you need to remember that grades are just numbers. I’d like to share a famous quote by Harold Taylor “The roots of true achievement lie in the will to become the best that you can become.” therefore if you also ended up with lower grades in graduation, don’t feel disheartened. The truth is that real life begins once you leave the classroom.

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