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About The Blog – 

YourMotivationGuru covers everything linked to self-improvement including but not limited to personal growth, motivation, positive parenting, career advice, quotes and growing the overall happiness ratio of your life.Your Motivation Guru LOGO

We help in elevating your:

  • Awareness
  • Skills
  • Motivation

Discover how to “Live a motivated life!” one step at a time with YourMotivationGuru. We also recommend a full content RSS feed and email subscription options.

About The Author – 

Welcome to YourMotivationGuru. I’m Kanika Gautam, an ardent writer, and a serial blogger. In addition to being the Authors YourMotivationGurufounder of yourmotivationguru.com I am also a bibliophile, technologist, speaker, educator, and writer.

I started YourMotivationGuru as a means to an end, the end being my need for a creative outlet, and today it’s empowering countless readers globally.

In my quest to publish premier quality, dynamic content; I’m always looking out for passionate guest bloggers, writers and experts on a broad range of topics to bring brand new, out-of-the-box perspectives for our followers.

To contribute please connect on twitter or mail on kanz_85@yahoo.co.in


  1. Enjoyed reading your blog. Best wishes. If there is anything that I can do to support your mission, please let me know. Work as a sports counselor and mental skills trainer to athletes. You are more than welcome to use anything from the blog – Reaching Your Mental Peak – “sharpmentalsportsskills.blogspot.com.” Anthony

  2. Thanks for following Shaking the Tree and introducing me to your blog. I’ve enjoyed what I have read so far, and think your advice is very appropriate. 🙂

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