The Glass Water Test – To Detect Negative Energy In Your Home

Glass Water Test

The Glass Water Test

Our surroundings are made up of both positive and negative energies. The balance between these energies guides the actions as well as success and failures in our daily activities. Random fights, consistent negative emotions, lack of prosperity and wealth, diseases etc. are all an indication that some negative energy has taken over your surroundings. A simple Glass Water Test can help you test your surroundings for the presence of any negative energy.

Here’s how you can also do the glass water test in your home:

  • Use a clean translucent glass for the test. Ensure that there are no marks, fingerprints or scratches on the glass.

Glass Water Test

  • Fill the 1/3rd of the glass proportion with sea salt. Only sea salt should be used for this test.

Glass Water Test

  • Add white vinegar (1/3rd of the total glass proportion) to the glass.

Glass Water Test

  • Fill the rest 1/3rd of the glass with clean water. Do not mix the contents at all.

Place this glass in a spot where you get the strongest vibes for negative energies. For instance, in the room where most of the fights or mishappenings occur. The glass should be hidden perfectly so as no one can spot or disturb the glass. The activity should be done only in the daytime.

Glass Water Test 1

Now leave the glass un-touched for the next 24 hours. Observe the glass, on the next day, if the contents of the glass are crystal clear then there isn’t anything that you should be worried about. Whereas, if the contents turn pale or smudgy green, then you need to re-energize the area with some positive energy. Repeat the process in other parts of your home.

In order to re-energize your home, you can take help of Vastu Shastra, Feng Shui or other positive healing practices.

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