Five Hacks to keep Your Home Look New Always

Make your home look new always

There is a saying

“Home. A place your feet may leave, but your heart will always be.”

It’s 100% true that a home describes the owner’s personality. There are a few “Must Know” hacks to keep your home looks new always.

1 – Put vacuum accessories in action:

Vacuuming is an essential habit which anyone who wants a new look of their house must adopt. Especially, if you own pets then need to do it every day! For a clean and healthy life let your vacuum bags get going every day rather than waiting for the weekends. Deep cleaning the carpet must also be done frequently which involves borrowing or buying a steam cleaner. In order to then get your floor dried quickly, make a use of a dehumidifier. Even after vacuuming or deep cleaning, if any stain remains for long then it can still be eliminated by few drops of hydrogen peroxide. You can treat it repeatedly until it fades.

2 – Treat the rugs

The rugs by time tend to reveal their real age if not refluffed timely! Their outlook says it all and speaks volume! Those sheepskins will only present an amazing look when newly bought and their charm tends to fade away with time due to the accumulating dust. They often wear and tear away. So give them a long life by hand washing them with soap and then air drying them. Many rugs can be also machine washed.

3 – Let plants play their part

Make use of fresh plants, as they change the look of the house amazingly and even that without much trouble. This is an uncomplicated and cheap option to breathe a new life into your old house. Purchase fresh indoor plants but if you own a garden then this option won’t even cost you a penny. You will just have to get in the backyard and search for pretty branches or plants like mint, plumeria, honeysuckle, and lavender. As these plants offer great options for perfuming the house. The plants also purify the air by removing foul smells. Greenery is great for gifting a soothing effect to any place.

4 – Maintain upholstery.

After buying great upholstery and decorating it perfectly, your responsibility doesn’t end there. Maintaining those items is equally essential! Regular maintenance is vital to make the upholstery look as new as possible. Polishing is an essential aspect of maintaining the furniture. Don’t waste a second after your wood furniture craves for polishing, as the difference you get after polishing is worth the expense and effort. It will make your furniture gleam and look exceptionally new. Polishing gifts the furniture a finished look and some furniture even don’t require professional polishing. The materials like mid-century teak pieces are often maintained with simply rubbing teak oil and those woods are all set to shine.

5 – Let new light to shine through

Ever thought of changing the lighting? If yes, then pick up a new stylish lamp which can breathe life into a dark room. Lights change the feel of the room instantly. If you are not in a mood of spending on new lamps then just paint your old lampshade so it could parcel out new hues!

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