How Ping Pong Can Help Elders Live Healthy

Ping Pong Can Help Elders Live Healthy

Ping Pong Can Help Elders Live Healthy!

The craze of ping pong has actually swept all over the world. The amazing part is that elders too are taking keen interest in the sport, after reports suggested that ping pong can actually help people stay healthy, especially among the elders.

It is known that table tennis helps people lead a healthy life, especially people who are living with dementia. It is known that a special kind of therapy is available, which offers specialized table tennis programme which is a part of Alzheimer’s therapy. This is being used as a way to help people living with dementia in several care homes all over the world.

Ping Pong Can Help Elders Live Healthy

Mr. Andrew Battley, who is closely associated with the research and training of the elder who are fighting dementia, has observed that with regular practice of table tennis it is possible to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s by at least five years. This can actually help in saving the life of as many as 30,000 people. Though Alzheimer’s is not specifically a disease which is related to the age, a game of table tennis might help people suffering from the disease. So simply play it only with table tennis table and paddle.

How Can People With Dementia Stay Healthy?

Ping Pong Can Help Elders Live Healthy

It is known that people living with dementia and Alzheimer’s benefit a lot from the disease. When an individual plays a game of table tennis, it is known to help in blood flow towards the brain. It also helps in stimulating the brain. A game of table tennis is known to help in holding back all the symptoms of the disease for a long time.

How Table Tennis Helps?

Ping Pong Can Help Elders Live Healthy

Table tennis is a healthy game. It is a fast-moving game and highly competitive. This is a great game which helps in physical exercises. It helps in building sustained attention and also develops the overall visuospatial skills. This is one game which helps people in more than one way to stay healthy and fit. Table tennis is a game which helps one to stay healthy in several ways. Some such ways are mentioned below:

  • It helps in losing excessive fat. Elders often lead a sedentary lifestyle and they usually do not have the motivation to exercise which helps in weight loss. Playing table tennis helps to lose weight by removing extra fat from the body.
  • It helps to improve blood circulation. This helps in reducing pain. It improves the flexibility of the body.
  • It helps in developing concentration and focus. The player has to follow the ball position and the way of strike. This helps in improving concentration skills.

Great Form of Entertainment:

Ping Pong Can Help Elders Live Healthy

Elderly people do not have many sources of entertainment, except for a few things. Table tennis is one game, which helps in stimulating the overall awareness of a person. It also helps in enhancing the motor skills. Table tennis is now one of the preferred ways of feeling better especially for those who are suffering from conditions of mental instability, insomnia, forgetfulness and dementia.

Ping Pong can help elderly in several ways to stay healthy and feel better. This is a fast-paced game which helps in improving blood circulation. This is one game which is not tough on the joints. Thus, people who suffer from knee problems or pain in the joints can play the game on a regular basis. It helps people who cannot exercise for long hours in the gymnasium. It is also helpful for those who need to exercise but do not have the ways to go to the gymnasium.

Keeps Stress Away:

Ping Pong Can Help Elders Live Healthy

Table tennis is good for the elders as it helps them to stay connected with others. This is a game which can be played with friends and relatives. Thus, it is a great way of bonding and making friends. Elders can participate in tournaments which are often held at homes and local clubs. In such games, a number of people can participate which helps them to feel better. Thus, it is a great form of entertainment which helps in keeping stress away.

Stress is often said to be a leading cause of elevated blood pressure. Stress causes several mental problems like anxiety and depression which causes many diseases. Thus, elders often play the game of ping pong to feel better and get relief from stress.

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