10 Rules of Success by Andrew Carnegie – World’s Richest Man

10 Rules of Success by Andrew Carnegie - World's Richest Man

Andrew Carnegie Biography

Who was Andrew Carnegie? He was a legendary tycoon, renowned businessman, a philanthropist, and off course world’s richest man. But before being any of these he was just a simple like you and me. Let’s turn a few pages from Andrew Carnegie Biography and see how Andrew Carnegie became world’s richest man.

In 1848 Andrew Carnegie came to U.S with no more than a dollar to his name. By 1901, Andrew Carnegie became the richest man in the world. At the peak of his success, a young journalist approached his name was Napoleon Hill and he was interested in writing stories about successful people. Carnegie identified an extraordinary drive in Hill and in the year 1908 he decided that Napoleon Hill will document all those strategies which made him a successful businessman and philanthropist.

Rules of Success by Andrew Carnegie - World's Richest Man

Together, Andrew Carnegie and Napoleon Hill helped in breaking new ground for the self-help genre, and in the year 1937 Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich” become an all-time top selling books. When Hill began writing about success, Andrew Carnegie gave him his “10 Rules of Success” which formed the foundation for Hill’s work. Here’s an outline of the rules, which also came into view in “The Science of Success“.

10 Rules of Success by Andrew Carnegie – World’s Richest Man

  1. Define your purpose – Create a strategy which is going to be your plan of action and start working on it right away.
  1. Prepare a Mastermind Alliance – Hill suggests, that one must make contact with and work with people who have what they themselves don’t have.
  1. Go That Extra Mile – Based on the theory of Andrew Carnegie, Hill says if you do more than what you have to do then that’s the only thing which justifies promotions or raises, and puts others under an obligation to you.
  1. Follow Applied Faith – You must have faith in yourself and in your purpose so effusively that you operate with full confidence.10 Rules of Success by Andrew Carnegie - World's Richest Man
  1. Take Personal Initiative – Do what you need to do without anyone asking you to do it.
  1. Challenge Your Imagination – Have the courage to think ahead of what is already done. Dare your imagination to think beyond what already exists.
  1. Show Enthusiasm – A positive attitude and enthusiasm sets you up for accomplishment and also wins the admiration of others.
  1. Accurate Thinking – In the words of Napoleon Hill, accurate thinking is the aptitude to separate facts from fiction and to use the ones which are pertinent to your problems or concerns.
  1. Focused Efforts – Keep you efforts focused and don’t get distracted from the important tasks at hand.
  1. Learn from difficulty – Another one of Andrew Carnegie strategies says that we must keep in mind that for every setback there is also an equivalent benefit.
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