2 Steps to Mindfulness: How to Live in the Moment

Mindfulness meditation

Be happy in the moment, that’s enough. Each moment is all we need, not more.” ― Mother Teresa

Mindfulness is the ability to visualize things as they really are, without being susceptible to feelings, prejudice, and frame of mind. Mindfulness is an element of the octuple path of Buddhism and a key part of meditation. It is employed in western culture as a therapeutic technique to reduce stress, pain, and helps to aid in depression. It also helps to maintain a sense of gratitude toward life.

Meaning of “Mindfulness”: – Mindfulness is awareness towards what’s happening both within us and around us. It is the persistent wakefulness of our bodies, emotions, and beliefs.

In the Sanskrit literature on the four institutions of Mindfulness, Buddha offers four layers of Mindfulness practice: Mindfulness of the body, emotions, mind, and objects of mind. Active Mindfulness at every layer is the establishment of happiness and contentment.

Incorporate Mindfulness in your life…….Live in the moment, Live like there is no tomorrow. Notice the beauty in every instant, and in everyday activities. Mindfulness is an act of acute awareness that needs involvement, not just observation, in the end you’ll be rewarded with a more affluent and improved life. Make it YOUR LIFE…..Go on and LIVE a life of Mindfulness!!!

Mindfulness meditation

Incorporate Mindfulness in your life bearing these two steps in mind…

Mindfulness Step 1: It requires Constant Efforts

Mindfulness takes plenty of labor, however, the good news is that the longer you follow, the simpler it gets. Initially, your thoughts are going to flutter, however the more you try being completely aware, the simpler it will be to seek peace of mind within the moment. Mindfulness is best practiced throughout the day. It’s not only for once you sit down and meditate try to be attentive of your thoughts and feelings when you’re doing chores, driving, doing household work and daily tasks, after all practice makes you perfect.

Mindfulness Step 2: Invariable Distractions

The universe starts throwing challenges at you in the form of distractions when you’re on your way to Mindfulness. Distractions could be anything from personal issues to relationship troubles, or negative beliefs. These distractions are in fact your teachers in disguise assisting you to become stronger, better, and more in tune with yourself.

How to be mindful:

1. First and foremost – don’t multi-task.
2. Move slowly and consciously. Do one task at a time and take your time in doing it. Don’t rush and keep your focus on the tasks at hand.
3. Do less. Don’t fill your day with tasks; you may be speeding from one issue to another without thinking about what you are doing. Prioritize what you do and cut back trivial and avoidable jobs.
4. Create gaps between two jobs, this gives you a more hassle-free plan.
5. Observe 10 minutes of “DO-NOTHING” on daily basis. Take deep breaths, rejoice in silence and become aware of your own feelings and thoughts.
6. Live in present, Stop worrying about the future.
7. Meditate, guided meditation will open a whole new world for you. Simply turn off all the thoughts in your mind and start meditating. Start with just 2 minutes per day and gradually increase.

All of these steps need to be instilled with gratefulness; be grateful that you are able to breathe, walk, eat, contemplate, deliberate and meditate. Mindfulness meditation will surely help you in get in touch with your inner-self and becoming healthier intellectually, physically and spiritually. Make an effort towards this new way of life and share your experiences with us…..Wish you all the best.

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Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn is a Ph.D. and is globally known for his work as a writer, scientist and meditation teacher bringing mindfulness in the mainstream of society as well as medicine. He has written 2 books: Full Catastrophe Living: Using the Wisdom of Your Body and Mind to Face Stress, Pain and Illness and Wherever You Go, There You Are: Mindfulness Meditation in Everyday Life

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