3 Motivational Videos That Can Skyrocket Your Motivation

Motivational Videos

These motivational videos are in the league of spine-tingling, reach-out-to-the-soul and no-excuse-for-motivation videos. So if you’re feeling a little low or you simply need a mood-boosting motivational video, then get cozy, dim those lights and get ready to be inspired!

3 Motivational Videos That Can Skyrocket Your Motivation

We’ve received quite a few comments and emails from readers asking us for more motivational videos. So, here are 3 that we think fit the bill – these are powerful, moving and insightful motivational videos. Watch these motivational videos daily as a part of your morning ritual and see if you observe a difference in your behavior and thoughts.

  1. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF (3.6 million views)

This video asks us to take a deep, hard look at ourselves and our belief systems. It outlines how important it is for us to have faith in ourselves if we want to succeed in what we want from this life.

  1. ENRAGED (1 million views)

No, this motivational video isn’t about anger or malicious feelings as you may have guessed from the tittle. Featuring motivational leaders like Eric Thomas, Les Brown and Eliott Hulse, this motivational video looks at we live our lives with frustration and regret because we’re too afraid to step outside of our comfort zones. In his signature style, Les Brown explains how most of us wish to live when he said, “I’m living my life on my terms”.


  1. MINDSHIFT (3.5 million views)

As the title would suggest, this epic motivational video focuses on how significant it is to get our mind into the right zone. This video says that we can change our address, our hair, our spouse, however if we don’t change our mindset, we’re going to continue experiencing the same stuff in life over and over again.

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