4 Fascinating Quirks About Thomas Alva Edison

4 Fascinating quirks about Thomas Alva Edison

World’s Greatest Scientists/Inventors Thomas Edison is one of the supreme inventors of all-time. He is well-known for the ground-breaking inventions he made.

Here are few fascinating facts about Edison that’ll blow your mind.

1. According to his teachers, he was “Confused and vague” – Edison was a curious kid yet he was only an average student as his mind frequently drifted. He had seven siblings and Edison was the youngest amongst all seven. According to Edison’s teachers, he was confused and vague they even labeled him as addled.

After barely three months of going to school Edison’s mother found out how his teachers were treating him, she was unhappy with the way his teachers treated him at school, so she pulled him out and she started homeschooling him. Edison once stated “My mother was the making of me. She was so true, so sure of me, and I felt I had someone to live for, someone I must not disappoint.”

4 Fascinating quirks about Thomas Alva Edison

2. At the Age of 10 he had built his first LAB At the age of 9, Edison’s mother gave him an elementary science book on performing chemistry experiments at home. Edison was captivated: he performed all the experiments in the book and shortly used up all his spare money in purchasing chemicals.
At the gentle age of 10, Edison assembled his first science laboratory in the basement of their house. Edison even tagged all his bottles as poison just to make sure that no one touched his valued chemicals.


3. He was hearing-impaired and he liked it! By the time he turned 12 years he started losing his hearing. How and why he became deaf is a mystery, some say it was because train conductor slapped him in the ears because he started a fire in a boxcar by performing experiments, while others say that it was caused by an attack of scarlet fever during childhood.
In all probability, it could have been a hereditary condition as his father and one of his brothers both also suffered from hearing impairment. Here is the fun fact about Edison he in fact, liked being deaf (to be precise, he was hard of hearing, not entirely deaf). He said that his loss of hearing made it easier for him to focus on his experiments.

4. Edison used Morse code for Marriage Proposal Edison got married when he was 24 years old he married his 16-year-old employee, Mary Stilwell, after only two months of meeting her. Edison was annoyed at his wife’s incapability to invent, in February he wrote in his diary “Mrs. Mary Edison My wife Dearly Beloved Cannot invent worth a Damn!!” and “My Wife Popsy Wopsy Can’t Invent.”4 Fascinating quirks about Thomas Alva Edison
Edison and Mary had three children; the first two were nicknamed “Dot” and “Dash.”
2 years after Mary departed this life; Edison met and married Mina Miller who was 2o years old at that time. Edison taught Mina Morse code so they can converse in covert by tapping into each other’s hands when her folks were around. One day, Edison asked .– — ..- .-.. -.. -.– — ..- — .- .-. .-. -.– — . and Mina replied -.– . …

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