5 Personality Traits That Will Get You Hired

Personality Traits That Will Get You Hired

Job interviews can be intimidating for any job seeker, many aspirants apply for a job opening however only a small number of them get hired, getting hired is possible when you have an edge over the others, when you have something exclusive to offer, something which makes you stick out and that something is nothing but your “PERSONALITY”.

Personality Traits That Will Get You Hired

As important as personality is it is also something which doesn’t easily reveal in an interview. Considering the anxiety and nerves of the candidates at the time of the interview – he/she may not be able to put their best foot forward in that short duration of time…..Here are some strategies that will help you in understanding the requirements of any interviewer in terms of personality. If you work on the below points continually you’ll certainly come out as a winner in the combat for hunting a good job.


Personality trait no. 1# Be yourself, Be confident

If you are confident about yourself and what you do then it shows in your interview too. Don’t distrust yourself, we know that it sounds easier said than done because negativity will surface from time to time but you must to deal with it….How???

The best way to do so is to start reading success stories of others, surrounding yourself with inspirational stories, motivational thoughts and positive affirmation will boost your self-respect and it’ll also help in acquiring a fascinating personality. There isn’t anything more attractive in a person’s personality than self confidence so be yourself, be original, be inimitable and most of all be your own Brand.

Personality trait no. 2# Sharpen those communication skills

Beyond the must-have job specific skills, there are few other skills that are sought after by every employer; one such key skill is COMMUNICATION. Communications Skills are the aptitude and ability to listen, speak, and write efficiently. Effective communication is fundamental in any business. The most favored and preferred skills for any employer are communication skills and communication skills are all about being clear, focused , comprehensible and paying attention to others views.


Personality trait no. 3# Time to hone your social skills

Primarily, you need to discontinue the habit of running away from social interactions: Generally people with low self-confidence avoid meeting new people and social gatherings. However the truth is that, the more you keep away from social interaction, the inferior you’ll feel about yourself. Make a vow today itself and start going out with friends and colleagues. This will help in creating a comfortable work environment where you can rejuvenate and also enjoy a little. Mingling with people helps in building strong bonds and simultaneously it helps to make you adaptable to new teams and team-members.


Personality trait no. 4# Time management

Time is money; make certain you don’t waste either. Time management will increase your productivity and at the end of the day it’ll make you feel great about yourself. Well-planned Time management is like a bonus granted to you to perform everything you desire to carry out in a day.


Personality trait no. 5# Body Language

Body language demonstrates your inner personality to others. When we say Body Language we are in fact referring to Body Posture, Hand shake, Eye contact etcetera.

From an interviewers point of view body language helps in judging an interviewees personality and confidence.  Research reveals that 75% of all communication takes place non-verbally. Our gestures therefore play an elementary role in any interview.

It is very important that you keep an erect body posture. Do not fidget with your pen or play with your keys as it indicates nervousness and disinterest. Last but not least, don’t overlook the power of a firm handshake.



Interviews can be taxing; however don’t let your nerves interfere with revealing your personality. Use above tips to train yourself for upcoming interviews. Just calm down, be yourself and show what you’ve got! 

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