5 Quick Corporate Dressing Tricks For Fast Fashion

Five Quick Corporate Dressing Tricks For Fast Fashion

Why is Corporate Dressing important? Well. For one thing, women love to dress, be it for a night-out with friends, or for an office event, we love to put on a chic number and accessorizing it with the perfect trinkets!

And then they don’t always get what we want – do we? Especially when it comes to getting ready in the morning, we keep rushing with our million morning chores and there’s practically no time to pick the right outfit, matching it with the right jewelry and certainly no time for makeup.

There are days when we let the clock tick away but then we are late for work. The only way out is to plan a morning regime for quick dressing and fast fashion.

Here’s a quick lowdown on quick dressing tricks that give new meaning to fast fashion:

1# Be accessory ready

Five Quick Corporate Dressing Tricks For Fast Fashion

We all have our favorite everyday accessories – a versatile pair of stud earrings or a classy bracelet watch. To save the time taken in locating your beloved pieces simply put them in a bowl by your bed stand or bed table. No more getting late for work because you couldn’t find your watch!

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2# Invest in a steamer

They are portable, easy to operate and in my experience they are life savers. Not only are these nifty gadgets blessedly inexpensive, they take less than 60 seconds to heat up and voila you are good to go!

3# When in hurry go for black  

Five Quick Corporate Dressing Tricks For Fast Fashion

No more wasting time in matching accessories, shoes and what not with your dress. Just make your life easy and save a ton of time by wearing black. It looks elegant, it’s easy to match things with and it’s remarkably practical!

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4# Get organized

If you think waking up in the morning and then deciding what you are going to wear is being spontaneous, let me tell you it’s more like being stupid. When you are looking for quick dressing yet you don’t want to put on a potato sack to work all you need to do is plan ahead for the week and keep your outfits in that order inside the closet.

5# Buy a go-to blazer

A well-tailored blazer can pull together the complete look, regardless of how scruffy it otherwise was. The blazer can be a blessing in disguise when you want to cover up a stain on your favorite shirt that you forgot to get dry-cleaned, or it can help in dressing up a casual dress when everything else worth wearing is out to get dry-cleaned!


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