5 Tips to Start Business Networking Everyday

5 Tips to Start Business Networking Everyday

If you are an entrepreneur, who wishes to succeed, you have to incorporate networking into your life, you ought to view each encounter as a prospect to connect and perhaps construct consequential business associations. If you make a connection today, even if it is brief, you’ll see that in future it’ll bloom into something more substantial giving you new opportunities for growth.

As an entrepreneur networking can help you in developing new relationships and business opportunities. Networking is 24*7; it is in essence an attitude. It is a stratagem for life, a way to create long-term connections and enhance your business.

5 tips to Start Business Networking Everyday:

5 Tips to Start Business Networking Everyday

Tip No. 1# Be a resource person in your field:

Start networking by becoming a resource person “a know it all” on a field of your choice. All you need to do is spend half an hour once a week, to write small articles that other people in your field can benefit from. Add your own views and thoughts as added value.  Use social media to share your articles/knowledge with others in your circle you can make use of LinkedIn and Twitter to share links of your articles on social media.

Tip No. 2# Start a group:

Create a discussion group that centers on your industry. Invite other people who you would like to get to know better, and who are keen to contribute. Have discussions and debates on latest topics concerning your field of work this will allow group members to evolve and grow, as well as help them to carry out their roles effectively. You can also start an on-line group on LinkedIn or Yahoo! for members to connect between meetings.

Tip No. 3# Get in touch with old friends:

Take out some time to reconnect with people from your past who you respected but somehow lost touch with. Make it a practice to reach out to at-least one former colleagues on daily basis, friends from college and universities are also OK. Reconnecting with people you volunteered with or prior association members can turn out to be lucrative for future business opportunities.

Tip No. 4# Change your idea of a happy hour:

Business networking is not something that can be done only on-line via social networking sites you need to go out and approach people physically as well, in order to network with your peers you need to go to business seminars and workshops to meet and connect with new people you can also attend parties or go to their hangouts to form new connections, word of advice – don’t act desperate if you are meeting with people in a casual environment then focus more on forming a friendship and bond don’t start with your pitch then and there. Also afterwards do follow-up with people you meet to deepen the relationship.

Tip No. 5# Open Your Eyes:

A study shows that there are over 200 people who are already a part of your network. Get back in touch with them. Networking is about building and developing new business opportunities through meeting people. You can start by forming reliable and positive relationships with customers and clients, link up with Alumni and former classmates you can refer suppliers and external partners and you can also build your internal alliances with the help of your colleagues and co-workers. Try and expand your network with neighbors, Friends and Family. The possibilities for networking are infinite. Gradually, as you build links and conviction, these associations guide you to other contacts, affiliations, and business opportunities.

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