6 Simple Motivational Games For Staff

Motivational games for staff play a vital role in building trust, boosting morale and inspiring staff to perform on higher levels. With a little resourcefulness, you can plan activities which are enjoyable, stimulating and won’t cost much money. The payoff shows when employees return to their respective jobs with new enthusiasm and carry on to put forth their best efforts day by day.

There are many motivational games for staff that you can pick from and help perk up the work atmosphere of your organization. These games undeniably motivate employees and help them accomplish better targets and carry out their responsibilities in a better way. They are an ideal illustration of work and play! These simple motivational games for staff help in improving memory, conquering stress as well as in building up vocabulary and creativity; they are much more than monotony busters. They are in fact instructive, challenging and entertaining too:

6 Simple Motivational Games For Staff:

  1. Poppit Stress Buster – If you feel that your staff if acting stressed out then this is an excellent motivational game for staff to beat the stress, clear their head and bring back their energy. All you need to do is pop groups of two or more balloons of identical color, and you’ll find that your stress level is reduced! It is a great motivational game if you are at the office and want to loosen up for a few minutes. Click here to play Poppit Stress Buster.

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  1. Bloons – This motivational game for staff is based on the simple truth that popping balloons is entertaining. Just think of these balloons as your enemies and the darts as your associates. What’s could be more pleasing than popping balloons? Try 50+ levels of balloon popping enjoyment as a dart wielder monkey! Tactically aim, fire, and pop the balloons. It is a good way to overcome stress. Just get set…aim…and….SHOOT. Pop! Pop! Pop! Click here to play Bloons.

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  1. Letter Hunt – How quick can you find the right order of a haphazard set of letters? It is a great activity to build up swift thinking habits, coordination and staying alert. This motivational game for staff requires some fast thinking and some nippy fingers – or else you’ll end up losing points. It is not as simple as it sounds, believe me!

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  1. Word Burst – In this enjoyable vocabulary game you have to make as many words as possible from a prearranged grid of alphabets. You earn more points for longer words. This motivational game for staff is a great way to develop the vocabulary as well as thinking skills of your staff. This game will grow their logical skills and vocabulary by leaps and bounds.

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  1. Memory 3 – In this motivational game for staff the players have to remember the sequence of some objects shown to them and then they have to put those objects in the exact order. They need to be fast though as you don’t get much time to memorize the sequence. This is a great game to improve memory. This is definitely one of my favorite motivation games.

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  1. Math Cross Search 9X9 – This motivation game for staff may be a bit too tricky for some, although the game is about simple addition but it can become rather challenging when you are trying to find a sequence of numbers which will add up to a specific number in the 9X9 grid.

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Play these motivation games and if you find them to be helpful as stress busters then please share in comments!

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