7 Effortless Tricks for Surviving as an Empath

Surviving as an Empath

Everywhere you look, there are examples of pain and injustice in the world. As an empath, it is hard to just look away, and many times, you should not. However, when you find the outer world is adversely affecting your inner universe, consider using some of these survival techniques.

Create Energy Shields

As an empath, you would likely prefer to avoid some situations, but because of their significance in your life, you just cannot. You may find energies and people who you have a hard time dealing with at social events, such as large family gatherings or important work functions. An energy shield is an important way for coping with these circumstances. It requires practice and effort, but you will eventually create a mental barrier that deflects away negative energy.

Be Conscious of Your Thoughts

Watch over your mind to identify the source of your negative feelings or thoughts. For instance, ask yourself if you are genuinely angry or if you absorbed the emotion from someone else the next time you experience angry thoughts. You can start an internal dialogue to find a solution once you understand your feelings and where they came from. What is the anger trying to tell you? Are you reacting to another’s behavior or is something missing from your life?

Adjust Your Perspectives on Energy and People

Sometimes, it can be puzzling for empaths to experience and witness other people. When it comes to kindness and caring, you are at the top of the scale, and it can greatly trouble you when you see individuals exhibiting hurtful or neglectful behavior. To cope with this, remove yourself from your thoughts and observe these people as hurting or misguided, not evil or bad.

Allow Yourself to Feel the Emotions

When dealing with endless emotions that bombard them all day, highly sensitive people tend to have busy minds. As you get wrapped up in your thoughts, you may forget to purge your feelings. When you let yourself laugh, scream, cry, and experience emotions at their most vivid, you will process and overcome them.

Cleanse Your Chakras

The energetic and spiritual centers of your body are known as your chakras. It is crucial that you keep these free from negativity. Smudging and aromatherapy are a couple of effective and popular ways to do this. For thousands of years, scents have been used to help clear chakras of anything that might prevent them from working optimally.

You Need Boundaries

There may be individuals in your life who cross into your energy zone from time to time without knowing it. This makes it important for you to set boundaries where and when you need them. Based on how someone is invading your energy, these boundaries could be conversational, temporal, or physical. Do not let your caring nature get in the way of being firm with these limits.


When you genuinely forgive someone, you release pent up negative energy. Whether it is something that occurred in your past or someone close to you, the hurt will continue to hold that negative energy. The healing process begins once you detach yourself from the hurt.

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