How to make money through Amazon Affiliate Marketing

make money through amazon associates affiliate program

Heard of the term Amazon Affiliate Marketing? Wondering what is it all about?

It’s a way you promote other people’s/brand’s products online and earn commission through it. There are many ways to do it and one of the very popularly known mediums is the Amazon Affiliate marketing program. Amazon Affiliate Program was launched in the year 1996; it’s free, very easy to use, and one of the most efficient ways to earn quick money.

So, how to make money through amazon associates affiliate program?

First, Set up an account on Amazon Associates (doesn’t necessarily have to be new, you can use your Amazon account too.)

Second, after setting up the account, go to the home page and select the product you want to promote.

Third, once you chose the product, Amazon will provide you with the product link on the top of its Menu ‘TEXT’ section since you are already an Amazon Associates member.

Once the links are generated, it’s very easy to begin, you just need to put these links in your blogs, social media posts, video description etc. and Amazon will provide you with 8%-10% of the commission on each sale done through your link.

Are you interested in the Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program?

Want to generate a good income from Amazon Associates Affiliate Program? 

To make money through amazon associates affiliate program you must consider these aspects:

  1. Basic HTML knowledge can reduce your cost, you need to know where to insert images, hyperlinks and text formatting in order to earn from Amazon Affiliate marketing.
  2. Choose a product that interests you as it will be easier to create content around it, which in turns makes it easier to influence people to buy it.
  3. Try to create as many links as possible in your article/reviews on Like 5-10 times in a single article. Make sure you are not compromising on quality of content or readability in lieu of affiliate links.

make money through amazon associates affiliate program

  1. Product reviews are the best way in Amazon Affiliate marketing to lure the audience into buying the product. A review captures the readers’ interest and informs him/her about the benefits of the product.
  2. Use multiple tracking Id’s for your website to know how much traffic you are generating and how much income you are making through the Amazon Affiliate Program.
  3. Try to redirect your website traffic to because when you send them there, you get a commission for anything they purchase for the next 24 hours (30 days if they add the item to their cart). So, if you manage to send the reader on your website through your affiliate link and they buy something completely unrelated, you get the Amazon affiliate commission for that too. This is one of the many reasons why people love using Amazon’s Affiliate Program.

The key to successful Amazon Affiliate Marketing is to have engaging and interesting content. My advice is to write as many blogs, articles, reviews commentaries etc. as possible and make sure each post in relevant and informative.

Connect with other bloggers, influencers and communities who can suggest you and help you earn better. The best thing about Amazon Affiliate program is the knowledge and effective utilisation of its tools can help an individual earn thousands of dollars while sitting at home.

We hope this article was insightful for you. So, what’s the wait for? Begin today!

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