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The Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program is a next-step middleman operation, making use of Amazon’s logistics operation and supplier partners. The FBA allows regular people to go into business as digital marketers with minimal capital. The FBA will enable retailers to buy from wholesale suppliers and have these delivered to Amazon facilities. Amazon takes care of inventory, warehousing, and storage. When an order comes in, Amazon would also be responsible for providing the purchase to the buyer.

There are dozens of online courses to help newbies understand the process of FBA and other intricacies. The Amazing Selling Machine Course is one of the most popular ones online. See here what Eventuring think about Amazing Selling Machine. Reading on will help you get a better understanding of what you need to do in order to become successful at your Amazon FBA business.

Starting the Process

Being a middleman on Amazon is a great way to start a business from your own home. Traditionally, if you were selling a product, you have to purchase the items you would sell, put a store, then advertise. You would also need a warehouse to store your goods. The articles are delivered to you, and you provide the purchase to your buyer after an order comes in.

With FBA, the whole process is disrupted. You no longer need to have a store, because your item is put on display on Amazon’s website. You don’t need to sign up for credit cards because the purchases will pass through Amazon’s payment system. You are using the Amazon cart. There is also no more need for a warehouse because your items for sale are stored in an Amazon warehouse with free storage. You don’t pay for warehousing. You also do not have to worry about deliveries, because Amazon would sort your goods and deliver the purchased item to your buyer. FBA facilitates the whole shopping process in your favor.

FBA Process

The FBA is a significant process with its full manual. There are procedures for every kind of contingency. The systems have been laid out in this manner because a lot of it is automated, and the marketer does the data entry and notifications. The only time that Amazon support is called in is when there is a situation that is not in the manual or is not clearly stated in the manual.

This can be daunting for those who are only starting in selling via Amazon. However, there are courses and tutorials online on how to understand the FBA quickly. One of these is the Amazing Selling Machine Course. The ASM course provides the marketer a run-through of the whole FBA. This includes adding inventory, reports, topping up, customer returns, and everything in between. The ASM course is a complete system that goes through every aspect of the sales and delivery process of selling through Amazon.

Advantages of ASM

The easiest way to understand the FBA is to consider it as not just a logistics, warehousing, and inventory program but also a sales and procurement platform. Before you begin selling through Amazon, you have to get into the FBA and setup your presence. There are some instances where the process repeats for every item or every location. Internally, the method also iterates for every sale, delivery, and product return. Each of the steps makes things easier for the vendor, and for Amazon to facilitate the movement of goods.

There is no way for a vendor to know every single process because not every procedure applies to any single vendor. In the same manner, going through the process without any idea of what it does would be frustrating. The ASM course provides the marketer the insights needed to start their operations with the FBA. The ASM also helps to orient the vendor on what Amazon aims to do in the long term relationship. The vendor should also consider enrolling in the ASM before starting a relationship with Amazon and going through the ASM whenever there is a significant change in the FBA algorithm or Amazon policy.

When there is a change in the procedure, the vendor needs to know how they will be affected. Amazon policies can also change not just because of the change in sales policy or some business model. Still, also in case, there are new warehouse locations, or even if there are changes in delivery capacity. These things can affect the way a vendor runs a business.

Every Amazon vendor should take the time to study the FBA. It is not just a tool for doing business with Amazon but also a way to optimize their sales process by taking advantage of all the benefits that the FBA can give.

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