Best Old School Vape Pipes

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A vape pipe is also known as an e-pipe, electronic smoking pipe, and other names. It is a personal vaporizer. Vape pipes come in many designs depending on the brand. However, one thing that stands out about this style of enjoying a nicotine dose is that all vaping pipes bear a similar look that tries to mimic the look of an actual cigar pipe.

Vape pipes are not for just any other vaper but a certain class of vapers and former smokers. It is meant to show a personal style and it portrays a classy look. They are not for those interested in cloud chasing but rather for those who want a sober and composed vaping experience. The vape pipes allow a blend of an old school look and sophistication with a futuristic touch to give an extraordinary vaping experience.

Here are some of the best old school vape pipes that you can choose from:

ePuffer Electronic Pipe 629 X Kit

Do you want an e-pipe that has a killer look as well as impressive performance? Your search is over when you get hold of Electronic Pipe 629 X. You will get one of the best “classic” pipe looks among pipes on the market because of its superbly-designed wooden bowl and the extended curved mouthpiece. The beauty of this vape pipe as compared to many of its rivals is that it is an automatic e-pipe, so the user just needs to puff to get some vapor and does not have to press a button. Due to this great feature, it is ideal for ex-smokers who are switching to vaping and want a simple but distinctive vaporizer to portray their personality and style. The e-pipe is from e-puffer, one of the global leading manufacturers of vaping supplies, and you can check them out online at the website. This is certainly a vaping mod that your dad would like if he enjoys vaping.

In addition, the Electronic Pipe 629 X Kit comes with an 18350 battery and two spare ones with 1,100 mAh capacity, plus a charger, offering you everything you need to start your vaping adventure. Other than its original tank—4 ml or 2 ml with five 1 ohm coils—you can pair the vape pipe with almost any tank with higher ohm coils to suit your need.

F-30 30W Pipe Mod

It is quite a simple device with a well-fashioned wooden bowl and a 510 connection for the tank or atomizer. It also has a built-in 1,450 mAh battery and it’s recharged using an included USB charger. The e-pipe has a small display screen, two adjustment buttons, and a fire button for operating it. It is a perfect pick for anyone looking for just a simple vaping pipe. Its wattage range of 5-30W makes it a good choice for newbies using a mouth-to-lung tank plus coils with a higher resistance.

Totally Wicked Pipe X

This e-pipe is quite distinct for bearing the traditional pipe appearance. It is easy to use and has an authentic operation mechanism. Its longer bowl makes it lose the classic pipe look a bit, but that is for accommodating the 18,650W battery. Unlike some of the vape pipe mod options, this e-pipe is simple since it lacks a display screen or firing button. These should not be seen as demerits but as benefits when it comes to giving a true pipe experience.

The pipe X has a 1.4 ml capacity tank and two 0.7-ohm atomizer heads connected to the lower end of the stem. It is a sub-ohm device due to the low resistance and cuts power depending on the battery’s remaining charge just as a mechanical mod operates. You will get plenty of vapor from this device and the automatic operation allows you to use it as like a traditional pipe. The kit can also come with a leather stand and a USB charging cable.


The above are just a few of the best vape pipes, so the list is not exhaustive. While buying an e-pipe, the most critical thing is what options you need. You should consider some things like how easy it is to use the vape pipe, especially if you are new to them, the amount of power it puts out, the capacity of the battery, and your budget, among other factors. Vape pipes allow one to enjoy their nicotine in a style unique to themselves.

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