Bizarre Sleeping Habits of Famous Individuals

Bizarre Sleeping Habits of Famous Individuals

To have your body function at an optimal level, it is necessary to get between seven to eight hours rest. While this is true, this is not the case for many successful individuals. If you observe some of the most notorious people, you will notice that they either follow a strict pattern or cut short the time they spend sleeping. Then again, following such sleeping habits often yields positive results.

Examples of famous individuals include Arnold Schwarzenegger and Barack Obama who have made it a habit to get six hours of sleep per day. Then you also have others like Leonardo da Vinci and Thomas Edison who only had power naps since it was their belief that sleep was not a necessity.

Seeing how precious a good night sleep can be to some successful people, it is no wonder they go to any length to get the required amount of sleep.

Below,  CelebJury has collected an interesting study about successful individuals and identified the sleeping habits they have adopted to get past insomnia, work pressures, and partners who snore, in order to get a good night rest.

Here Are Some Bizarre Sleeping Habits of Famous Individuals:

Tom Cruise sleeps in a soundproof “snoratorium”

So that he does not disturb others with his snoring, Tom Cruise has a soundproof room built in his home. This “snoratorium” ensures that nothing can be heard once the door to this small, dark room is locked.

Winston Churchill took a two hours nap every day

Not everyone considers taking a nap as important as Churchill. He used to take a two-hour nap every day at five in the evening. This would also help him as he got a lot of work done during the night. People also say while he was in the bath, he would have his War Cabinet meetings.

Charles Dickens slept facing North to improve his creativity

People had their own beliefs and Charles Dickens believed that by going to sleep while facing the North, he could enhance his creativity. He always had a compass on him and also wrote about facing this direction.

Mariah Carey surrounds her bed with 20 humidifiers and needs 15 hours of shut-eye per night

Lots of musicians have weird rituals when it comes to their voice. For Mariah Carey, she ensures that she gets 15 hours of sleep so her voice can be the way she loves it. Her bedroom is also like a steam room as there are 20 humidifiers around.

Marissa Mayer catches up on sleep during weeklong vacations every four months

Working for as much as 130 hours every week to get things in order, there is usually little time to sleep for Marissa Mayer, the ex-CEO of Yahoo! Her solution to this is to go for a vacation after four months of work. These vacations last a week each.

Novelist Emily Brontë walked around in circles until she fell asleep

In a bid to get her sleep despite suffering from insomnia, this novelist would tire herself out by walking in circles around her dining table.

Arianna Huffington turned her bedroom into a “slumber palace”

There is no better time to make positive changes than after seeing negative effects of your past habits. This is what happened to Arianna Huffington after her experience in 2007. Getting exhausted to the extent that she collapsed and got hurt, she decided it was time to take her sleep a lot more serious.

Her bedroom is described as a “slumber palace” in which she doesn’t use any electronic device, including her phone. She also ensures she uses only clothes made for sleep after a hot bath and then reads a book which helps her drift to sleep.

Martha Stewart sleeps only four hours a night

When you love animals, you would do anything to make them happy while you may have to suffer for it in other areas. For Stewart, she has to be up by 6:30 in the morning to ensure there was food for her chickens, horse, and donkeys before the arrival of her crew. This left her with only about 4 hours of sleep every night.

To learn more about some bizarre sleep habits of famous individuals, check out the infographic for more information.


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