How To Become A Blogger And Earn Money From Home?

How To Become A Blogger And Earn Money From Home

Are you a blogger? Or do you want to become a blogger and make money?Do you have a blog but you are not making any money! Do you want to know how to become a blogger and earn?

Well, if you are in any of these situations, this is your read. I have come across many people who blog professionally as well as personally, and they are making good money out of it. I, myself pay my bills through my blogging activities. It’s a great earning source if you are putting your heart and soul into it. Some of the very popularly known questions that I come across are:

How do I become a WordPress Blogger and make money?

WordPress controls over 30% of all the websites and it is the largest publishing platform on the earth. So, one can become a blogger and earn money through WordPress. But, there is no quick technique. This needs time, patience, consistency, dedication and tons of hard work, so if somebody says, they make you rich quick. That’s a scam!

So, if you are blogging for money and you are a beginner, setting a WordPress website takes less than 30 minutes, and it’s free. Once you have a website, the easiest way to make money are advertisements.

How To Become A Blogger And Earn Money From Home
  • You can insert ad plugins which will require you to sign up on the platforms like Adsense or WordAds, once its approved you can begin ad display on your website.
  • You can also go for direct advertisements but that will require you to reach out and negotiate with respective businesses. Platforms like, BuySellAds can help you with direct ads.
  • The other way is to go for affiliate marketing or referral options where you will be paid per click.
  • Donations are also done through modes like Paypal or other donate buttons, where you explain why they should donate and how it can help you. It’s like building a community where people reach out and help.
  • Freelance writing can be another way if you are a talented writer. Write reviews, columns, articles and you can get paid for those. Many companies demand such writers.

How to become a travel blogger and make money?

Blogging is a very wide aspect, there are all kinds of bloggers out there and travel blogging is also one of the trendiest professions currently. If you are great at it, you will have no troubles blogging for money as a travel blogger.

  • If you call yourself a travel blogger be an expert at it, and create content that can engage people. Give them insights about things that are relatable and useful for them. Make it interesting.
  • Once you have enough exciting content and traffic, people/businesses will pay you to travel to places and promote their hotels, services and destinations. Many young bloggers do that and earn well. One of them I follow is Bruised Passport, they have travelled 90 plus countries and it’s their full-time profession and hobby.
  • Sponsored posts can be another way to earn income, where you promote other brands product or services in your blog, social media, video etc.
  • Public speaking is another way to earn money. Tourism organisations do many blogging and travel conferences where they invite travel bloggers to represent their thoughts and experiences.

How to become a blogger on Instagram and make money?

Instagram is one of the trendiest blogging for money option in 2019. Suddenly, a wave of influencer/bloggers has taken over Instagram with the storm. This can be one of the very convenient ways of blogging for money for beginners. You can be a fashion & style icon, product reviewer, foodie, traveller, photographer, videographer and earn the wealth and fame from it.

  • Post regular and relevant content to gain popularity, you can use social media ad tools to build an audience for yourself. After that paid promotions/sponsored posts for brands and products can get you money.
  • Sell your photos, if you are a skilled photographer, model or fashion icon. Many brands will pay you to buy those pictures.
  • Post regularly and engage with the commenters on your page.
  • Use the right hashtags.
  • You can become an Instagram Marketing consultant. There aren’t many people doing that job, and since you already hold a well-experienced resume of that, you can influence any brand/product/personality to help them with their Instagram Marketing and earn very well from it.

Be it Instagram, WordPress or Travel Blogging for money, the steps are pretty much dependent on the content, consistency, promotion, reach and patience. If you have the right tools and knowledge, blogging for money can be one of the most fun jobs. I hope this article will add some value to your blog. Happy Blogging!

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