Canvas Prints Vs Framed Prints – Which to Choose In 2021

Canvas or framed print, which one is the best? Well, this is a popular question. And the answer to the question is ‘It depends. The type of photos signifies whether to choose canvas or framed prints.

However, there are some factors based on which one can decide. Let’s cover both the prints in detail for a better idea

What are Canvas Print and Framed Print?

A canvas print is an image that is printed on the canvas through an inkjet printer. These are stretched, wrapped, framed, and displayed for final output.

The framed print is printing an image on paper with different textures and finishes. These prints are seen in smaller frames. They are not large enough to cover the entire wall.

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Canvas Print vs Framed Print: How is it Made?

Canvas is a robust and durable fabric made from hemp. Hemp was one of the most popular replacements for cotton and linen.  However, that was all about the past.

Today, the canvas print is generated through cotton or polyester. In cotton prints, the color soaks in nicely. On the other hand, in polyester, the color remains on the surface of the strands. Cotton prints are durable and polyester ones are bright.

A framed print is made through inkjet printers. Usually, these printers are utilized to print the image on high-quality paper. It is then framed with low-flare plexiglass on the image top. You can also add 2.5 inches to match the pictures.

Canvas Print vs Framed Print- Elephantstock

Source: Elephantstock

Canvas vs Framed Print: 5 Factors for Comparison

Canvas Print

Framed Print

The image print is totally permanent.

Numerous photos can be swapped in the frame.

Canvas renders texture for a color depth.

The frames combined with the print adds a complementary touch.

There is no scenario of glare or reflection in the photos.

It can have glare or reflection.

They are quite light in weight.

They are quite heavy weighted. Hence, one might struggle to carry it

Canvas prints have a glossy or matte finish.

The frame cost varies as per the size of the image.

Pros of Canvas Print

Let’s check out some of the benefits if you buy prints on canvas

  • They are glare-free and versatile.
  • The quality and durability are top-notch.
  • Canvas prints are inexpensive too.
  • The print works for all kinds of images

Pros of Framed Print

Now, we have a clear idea of both the prints, let’s take a look into the perks of the framed print. Here’s a quick glance at the same

  • It’s suitable for almost all the photos.
  • The frames are inexpensive.
  • Both the sizes and designs of these frames are diverse.

Canvas Print vs Framed Print- Elephantstock

Source: Elephantstock

Summing Up

That’s all. We hope that you understood the canvas and framed prints accurately. While both these prints are perfect in their own place, canvas prints are certainly much more efficient.

However, you can go for anything that matches your preference. We hope you liked this comparison. For more such reads, stay associated with our website.

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