Christmas And Books- A Magical Combination

Christmas is festive and replete with good food and gifts galore. The legendary Santa Claus in his red suit and sledge has been a figure that kids love. The big bag he brings with him is full of gifts. The nature of gifts has been changing over the centuries. The favourite has always been board games and books, candies and sweets and assorted games. The new list from children includes Xboxes, video games, DVD’s and other tech gadgets, but books still rule the roost.

Christmas And Books- A Magical Combination

The best magazines and books for kids

The love for reading opens up a new world for the child. It builds curiosity and intellect and leads to creating a smart vocabulary. The child is engaged constructively and you can help in reducing screen time effectively. Some children are not comfortable with books as they are not able to concentrate for long, or follow stories for a longer time.

These kids are more approachable with magazines. Kids magazines India have come a long way and make for interesting reads. They are snappy and fun, with topics and stories that today’s children can relate to. The trick is to find a magazine that appeals to the kid in question and subscribe to it for the child.

The most popular Christmas books for kids 

Christmas And Books

  • Champak is a magazine that most of us have flipped through at one point in our life. This evergreen magazine has well-written stories, puzzles, cartoons and science experiments that kids enjoy. They are open to accepting stories and drawings from readers. This will also encourage your child to read.
  • Toot is another magazine for the little toots. The magazine is for pre-schoolers and makes a wonderful read with colourful story boards, activities and rhymes. It is an ideal Christmas gift for 3-6 year olds.
  • Sanctuary Cubs is perfect for the 5+age group. It is a treasure trove for animal lovers. Trivia on wildlife and pictures that match the same are a delightful addition in any child’s gift box.
  • The legendary Amar Chitra Katha publications have been publishing the popular Tinkle magazines. It is one of the oldest magazines in India. The characters like Suppandi, Shikari Shambhu and others are well loved by children of all ages. New stories are added at regular intervals to keep the magazine fresh. There is the added incentive of winning prizes if the kids participate in regular quizzes. Here too the publication encourages children to send in their entries.
  • The 2013 publication Highlights Champs is meant for children aged 6-12 years. The magazine is replete with craft projects, science experiments and interactive entertainment. The kids just love it.

There are many more magazines as well as Christmas Books that make kids happy and interested. Many of these publications are also available online. Gift a Christmas takeaway that the child will enjoy for the rest of her life. It will give her joy and grow her knowledge, and most importantly imbibe a love of reading that she will treasure forever.

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