Top Tips for Enjoying Your Christmas Holiday After a Bariatric Surgery

The festive season is here again, and everyone is already in the mood. 


However, if you recently had bariatric surgery to help in weight loss, you might be worried about how it will impact your Christmas. It goes without question that there are some things that you should avoid after bariatric surgery, but that should not take away all the Christmas fun and joy. 


The good news is that you can still enjoy your holiday with the people you love if you plan ahead and follow your doctor’s instructions. 


Let’s see some of the things you can do to enjoy a guilt-free Christmas guided by moderation and conscious food intake.


Always Start with the Proteins


Since the Christmas dinner will have a wider variety than your other dinners, it is advisable to start with the essential food groups as it will help you be satisfied faster. This way, you will avoid eating excess food.


Minimize Sugar and Fat Intake


Once you have undergone a gastric bypass, excess fat and sugar can cause dumping syndrome, affecting your digestive health. Therefore, it is advisable to minimize your sugar intake by replacing it with Splenda in your holiday desserts. 


Also, avoid receiving sugary gifts this Christmas by informing others about your current state and guide them when researching gift ideas for gastric bypass patients.


Eat Slowly


As a bariatric patient, you should be aware of your restrictions, even during festivities. As you are not allowed to eat in excess, you should eat slowly as it will enable you to enjoy the tasty foods and stop when you are satisfied. 


Since socializing when eating can lead to eating too much, you can save eating for a time when you are alone to focus on the food.


Stay Away from the Buffet Table


Staying close to the food leads to temptations, and you may end up eating more than you should. To avoid this, you should carefully select what you want in minimal quantities and move away.


Minimize Your Alcohol Intake


As a bariatric surgery patient, you should know that alcohol can have some adverse effects. Alcohol adds more calories to your body than eating, plus it can dehydrate you. In addition, drinking alcohol leads to impaired judgment, affecting your decisions like the amount of food to eat and what to avoid.


Change your Main Focus of the Festive Period


Though sharing meals is a big part of the Christmas period, it would be better if you shift your focus from food to other forms of enjoyment, like spending quality time with your loved ones. This way, you will eliminate the frustrations of not enjoying the food in excess like the others.


Remember Your Exercise Routine


Sometimes, we may fall into the trap of allowing the holiday mood to affect our workout routines, leading to weight gain. You should try to keep your exercise routine during the festive season since you will be eating more. 


This will help you burn the extra calories instead of struggling to lose weight once the festivities are over. 

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