5 Tips for Keeping a Clean House All the Time

clean house

A clean and tidy house by Monday that slowly turns into a disaster-stricken war zone by the end of the week, this is the story of pretty much every household on the globe.

But is it really that complicated to keep your house clean and organized 24*7? The short answer -> NO!

Every activity that we perform in our daily routine is at the back of this grimy cycle of an organized home. You probably may not get the time to clean your house every day, owing to a busy and tight schedule and both personal as well as professional obligations. Though there are some nifty hacks that can help you and your family to keep your house organized and clean 24*7.

Let us take a look at 5 tips for keeping a clean house all the time:

clean house
  1. Making the bed after you wake up:

An unmade bed can turn your highly organized room into a messy and untidy space that only looks fit for breeding apes. Making your bed after having your morning tea takes a couple of minutes but can significantly add to the tidiness of your room. Additionally, try incorporating the same habit in your kids as well.

Additional Tip: Tucked-in bed sheets look more organized than their un-tucked counterparts.

  • Clean your faucet and sink after use:

The nasty food spills from the dishes in your kitchen’s sink and the splatters of toothpaste on the mirror or washbasin in your bathroom, all look gross if not cleaned on a regular basis. It hardly takes a minute or two to wipe them after use rather than leaving them to be cleaned later on. So, as soon as you are done with their use, just grab a disinfecting clothes and clean those nasty stains out from your faucets and sinks.

  • A daily load of laundry or a week full of dirty clothes

Rather than waiting for a whole week to wash your clothes or spending your much-awaited weekend break doing laundry, you can opt for a daily load of clothes. Just put the required load of clothes in the machine before leaving home for work, and turn it on as soon as you return home. By the time you will be done changing your clothes or getting loosen up, your work will be done.

  • Take the stuff with you and PUT IT AWAY

While you are sauntering from one room to the other make sure to scan your surroundings for the hideous piles of dirty clothes, toys or any other stuff that is lying out of its designated place. Take the piles with you and put the stuff away in its designated place.

  • Small clean-ups

Vacuuming your carpets, wiping your counters, organizing your cupboards and shelves are all those activities that hardly take a couple of minutes. So, perform these small clean-up activities whenever you get the time.

Additionally, you can opt for a daily 10-15 minutes night cleaning session including all your family members. All these tips require a minor change in your daily rituals, incorporating these small changes can result in a better lifestyle for you and your family.

Once you ace these cleaning techniques you can consider starting a cleaning business and perhaps you’ll end up helping someone who is in need of expertise on the same topic.

Like they say – “If you want your life to change….your choices must change and today is the best day of your life to begin.”

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