Top 10 Colours, Art, and Inspiration for 2017 – Inspiring Your Lifestyle Goals

Top 10 Colours, Art, and Inspiration for 2017

The current trend among the best brands puts more focus over the color combinations than ever. Understanding the fact, that a perfect color combination is enough to impact the impulsive decisions making process, it becomes crucial to know about the top color and art trends.

“Be it fashion clothing, accessorizing or even hair styling,

choosing a correct color can entice, inspire or excite anyone”

1# Color psychology matters a ton

Choosing a new paint for the wall isn’t just about selecting a color, rather it’s more about what the color symbolizes. Every color has a different psychological effect on the mind of the viewer. From inspiring energetic environment to productive surroundings, it’s important to keep track of what color you will choose.

 Top 10 Colours, Art, and Inspiration for 2017

So select your base color wisely from this Pantone Formula Guide Solid Coated & Uncoated shades, as the year to customizing moods is here.

2# The power to heal

Almost everyone is affected by the stressed filled lifestyle that dictates our lives in the modern world. Be it the workload at your place of work or the stress to balance your personal lives, there is a lot that your mind has to go through and your highly digitally governed lifestyle certainly adds to the cause.

Top 10 Colours, Art, and Inspiration for 2017

Studies substantiate that a precise selection of a color theme has the strength to heal your mind and address this imbalance created by your lifestyle? Check out the Pantone guides and Design info to see how these skilled designers are working on products that can create a soothing and warm effect on your mind. The idea is to yield the energetic vibes to counter the stress formed in your lifestyle.

3# 2017 the year of Rawness

The year is expected to see rawness as an integral part of our engineered aesthetics. From home wares to accessories, the demand and desire for such textures are high. The rock patterns for wallpapers, charcoal texture tiles and furniture, and accessories for the kitchen are all expected to give a touch of excellence to your interiors.

Top 10 Colours, Art, and Inspiration for 2017

4# Black “Defining elegance”

Be it party outfit or a professional attire, the temptation that a classy black matte finish creates is just unparalleled. Not only what you wear but the color has a significant impact on your surroundings too. Introducing a touch of black (not all black) in your office accessories or your bedroom and kitchen appliances can create a whole new definition of elegance altogether.

Top 10 Colours, Art, and Inspiration for 2017

5# Touch of nature in home wares “the trend of green”

Officially declared as the color of the year for 2017 by Pantone, the trend for tropical green color has seen a significant spike. But what’s so cool about this color that it gets a high place in every design info guide?

So the answer to this folks is the energetic environment it evokes recreating a calming surroundings. Be it the positive vibes from the colors of nature or the soothing effect to eyes and mind, our health is proven to yield numerous benefits from exposure to nature. The digital lifestyle we have been part of hasn’t allowed us to yield these benefits anymore.

Top 10 Colours, Art, and Inspiration for 2017

Taking the same issue into considerations a number of designers and experts have been working out on synthetic solutions to the same in form of Botanic or nature green wallpaper, home accessories and furniture. From kitchen accessories to household furniture a number of shades of green can be seen everywhere.

6# The power of gradients

The rules for colors are not defined, so if you feel bored with the existing set of colors and patterns you can always head out to create a new set of your own with the help of “gradients”. Refer to the Pantone guides and design info to explore the wide range of color palettes you can play with.

Top 10 Colours, Art, and Inspiration for 2017

7# Material designs and colors aren’t going anywhere

The intentional white spaces, end to end imagery and deliberate color choices in material design become quite a trend a couple of years back when Google introduced this visual language. Since then the trend has picked the great pace and has emerged as an overall choice for the majority of design formats.

Top 10 Colours, Art, and Inspiration for 2017

The material designs have come a long way from being a mobile app design format to a global preference and aren’t going anywhere for next year or so.

8# Royal hues:

The year 2017 has seen a great hike in the use of oceanic beauty “blue”. The wide nuances of blue hues add a royal value to your homes. You have classical options in form of powder blue and periwinkle to refresh your home.

Top 10 Colours, Art, and Inspiration for 2017

9# The year of imaginations:

Colors, arts, and trends have no rules to bound your horses of imagination, so let your imagination fly with a variety of colors, arts, and textures and see where that leads you, who knows you might find or develop a new trend of your own. So be it an outfit made of Khaki or repainted old and wasted fabric, it’s all about imaginations going strong.

Top 10 Colours, Art, and Inspiration for 2017

10# Natural finishes

Another hot trend currently in action is the use of natural resources like wood and rocks for texture paints to give a finish that defines elegance and class in your home accessories. So be it a wallpaper or a kitchen accessory, you always have a feeling of hand crafted art in your possession.

Top 10 Colours, Art, and Inspiration for 2017

If you want to explore more about this domain of creativity, elegance, and styling you can always direct yourself to the Textile design studio, where you can find a variety of color tips and textures to experiment with. So, folks let our imagination fly.

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