7 Ways Businesses Can Use SEO To Combat Coronavirus Crisis

Businesses Can Use SEO To Combat Coronavirus Crisis

There is no denying the fact that Coronavirus is impacting the business sector up to a great extent. Worldwide share market indices are telling this story much better, as most of the global market has tanked heavily.

In this situation of mass panic, an SEO company can play its part to avert the pandemic.

Here are 7 ways businesses can use an SEO agency to combat the Coronavirus crisis:

Businesses Can Use SEO To Combat Coronavirus Crisis

#1 Interview Your Customers & Employees

Now that people are going into isolation, video conferencing can be a good marketing strategy at this moment. Interview your employees about their health condition and work from home situation. You can also have video chat via Skype or Google Hangouts with your esteemed customers to know their views on future content.

#2 Audit Your Content Status

Knowing the status of your stored content is necessary for this situation. Make a list of all the contents including Blog Posts, Whitepapers, Presentations and other contents on Google Sheet or Docs. Now evaluate each resource with a critical eye. If some contents are lacking the quality, make them better.  

#3 Plan Webinars

If you’re constantly freaking out sitting in your empty office, it’s time to up your games by hosting Webinars. Webinars are effective B2B marketing tactics that can pull a lot of traffic in your site. If you’re a USA-based business, you can avail SEO services in the USA to improve your ranking. There are lots of good Seo companies in the USA.

Businesses Can Use SEO To Combat Coronavirus Crisis

#4 Clean Up the Administrative Messes 

It’s evident that locked down in our houses, we are left with only a few things to do during this Coronavirus crisis. Hence, cleaning up all the administrative messes that were being stored during all this time will be a good idea. Clean up your desks, delete unnecessary files and past emails, do an SEO clean up for your website.

#5 Aim at different SERPs

If you are a small business owner from USA and want to see your company’s advert on the first page of Google search result, you should hire the best SEO company in USA. Good quality B Search Engine Optimization can ensure the top spot for your site in different SERPs.

#6 Response to Your Online Reviews

Online reviews are an integrated part of any product offered online. So check with the online reviews of your product. If there are any dissatisfied customers reviewing your product, it will be a great idea to offer them a reasonable and sound response. Thoughtful replies to reviews can create a good brand image.  

#7 Remove the Unnatural Links

There are various ways through which your website can consist of unnatural links, and not all links are intentional. However, sniffing out the unnatural links on a periodic basis is vital for a site’s progress. Now, you have all the time to execute these kinds of duties. 

Final Thoughts

As Coronavirus spreads through the world, you can also spread your business through digital marketing and SEO strategies while staying at home. Follow these strategies during all these free time to ensure better performance of your website as well as your company.

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