The What, Why And Where Of Corporate Dressing For Men


“Clothes don’t make a man, but clothes have got many a man a good job.”

—Herbert Harold Vreeland, Academic

I have seen quite a few men in professional lives with no clue with regard to how to dress.

This has to change.

Whether you are a CEO of an MNC or a young entrepreneur trying to make a mark on the corporate landscape the right corporate dressing for men is a key step on the road to becoming a professional.

I am in complete agreement with Herbert Harold Vreeland when he says “Clothing doesn’t make a man.” Nonetheless, the right attire can get a man a chance to cast a great impression that influences others.

Here’s a quick lowdown on the what, why and where of corporate dressing for men:

  • Crisp, well fitted, and clean clothes encourage people to take you seriously.
  • The business world expects you to dress well. While it’s important to dress appropriately there’s no compulsion to wear business suits to work on a daily basis, if you don’t fancy a suit you can go for a crisp white shirt with a black trouser to pull off a professional look.

You can go for something like this

corporate-dressing-for-men-trouser corporate-dressing-for-men-trouser

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  • Neutral shades like grey, blue, white, black and khaki will never let you down in a corporate setting. Subtle shades look excellent in a workplace. Plain or solid shirts are a big ‘YES’. You can also opt for striped or checked shirts. Avoid red, orange, yellow or any other loud color at the office.
  • Polka dots and sequins are a big ‘NO-NO’ in the office.
  • While short sleeves can be worn to work, nevertheless their counterpart full sleeves shirts look more professional. When at work never roll up your shirt sleeves.
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  • Stay away from baggy trousers as they give a sloppy impression. What you need are flat-front or slim-fit trousers that too in solid shades like blue, black or gray.
  • Make sure your clothes are always wrinkle-free, well ironed and spotless.
  • Polished shoes in black or brown color are recommended for a workplace setting. Pair them with dark colored. Sports shoes and sneakers are not to be worn – EVER!
  • For men with mustaches, an important corporate dressing lesson is to keep it neatly trimmed. Beards must be avoided at the office; a clean shaven look makes you look more professional.
  • No gaudy belts or big buckles to the office please! Rather wear a leather belt in a dark shade if possible go for brown or black.
  • Your tie must go well with your overall look. Silk ties are a sure thing; also the tip of the tie must meet your belt buckle. Loud colored ties or the ones in jazzy patterns are not recommended.
  • Neatly combed, short hair is perfect for a professional look.
  • Don’t wear strong perfumes to work; you never know if someone might be allergic.

To sum up

No matter what your field of work is, whether you are working in a field that has a strict dress code or not, your clothes will always tell your story before you get a chance to do so.

So, when it comes to corporate dressing for men, choose wisely, coz you don’t want to tell the wrong story about yourself!

This is a sponsored post. But the opinions expressed here are my own.
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