Understanding the Importance of Counseling and How it Can Help You


Living in Austin, Texas, is unquestionably great. While this state capitol is occupied mostly by conservative lawmakers, this city is an oasis of delicious smoked meats, craft beer, breakfast tacos, and cold brew, among others. You can even enjoy live music every day, or enjoy kayaking or canoeing throughout most of the year.

However, this may not be enough. Living in an urban city like Texas can take a toll on your mental and physical health; thanks to the hustle and bustle of everyday city living. Thus, it’s essential to stop for a while and when the need arises, undergo therapies like counseling in Austin to help you get back on track.

There is no simple way to summarize just how crucial counseling is to many people. After all, its applications and uses are endless. However, below are three of the top reasons why counseling is significant for your mental health.



A lot of us are surrounded and blessed with reliable friends, beautiful families, and supportive colleagues. But can you honestly tell yourself that you feel comfortable and safe discussing with these people your innermost difficulties? Don’t you have second thoughts when it comes to talking with them about the things that you are struggling with, or the things you are afraid of, or even those you were ashamed of?

The primary reason why people seek counseling is that it’s hard for them to talk about these things with the people around their inner circle. Whether it’s anxiety, relationships, addictions, or otherwise, discussing these severe things to the people we are very close with may sound awkward and uncomfortable.

Counseling is a place of safety. As you come and enter a counseling room, imagine yourself entering into a space specially set-up and designed for you so you will feel safe and comfortable. Highly trained and professional counselors are there ready to engage in conversation with the confidentiality you need. When you are bothered with your deepest longings, counselors are there to provide you with a haven where you can discuss and pour out everything you’ve been keeping to yourself.


The very key to our functioning and well-being is empathy. For us to feel safe and connected to others, we need utmost compassion. This is far different than sympathy because sympathy drives the connection away. In empathy, change-making, healing, and support are provided to help rewire our brains.

When somebody empathizes with you, you feel validated. You feel understood. You feel known. This is what you are mostly missing in your personal lives.  Sometimes, you think nobody empathizes with you because you’re not surrounded by the right people capable and willing to provide this for you. With counseling, you can experience empathy in a 1:1 relationship with your counselor. Your relationships are evaluated, and when there are things that keep you from accepting insight from your friends or family, counselors can help you work through these inhibitions.


Counselors are trained to be there to give you advice. Regularly, they can provide guidance. Whether it’s on a specific issue (career counseling, school counseling), or guidance in forms of a sounding board providing clients with alternative thinking into different issues, professional counselors are there to guide you with the whole process of dealing with your concerns.

Counseling in Austin, like any other counseling, is something we need to help us get back on our tracks. Find the one that you’re comfortable working with.

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