The 5 Musts Haves of a Cover Letter

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While checking job advertisements on your favourite career site, you might have seen a position that seems tailor-made especially for you. That’s a common scenario, except, unfortunately, one that often strikes apprehension into the hearts of even the most experienced job seekers.

After all, there are a number of steps to run through between perusing a job and actually getting one. One of the primary steps is addressing a cover letter aptly. Addressing it appropriately is important as first impressions can make a huge difference. However, being uncertain about how to get started may create a huge roadblock.

That’s particularly true when you need to create a cover letter which does not go to a particular person.

Luckily, after reading the essential hiring tips and cover letter rules below, you’ll feel well-resourced to write a cover letter that shows hiring managers and job source staffing agencies you’re in this game to win a job that exceeds your dreams and hopes.

Cover letters, Growth Strategies,Hiring,Hiring Tips,Interviewing

Cover Letter Rule 1- Personalize your cover letter

For the longest time, you probably have heard about how vital it is to come across professionally and make your content authentic when you write a cover letter.

It shouldn’t seem as though a particular cover letter is the same one you’ve send out to several other hiring managers, without an ounce of personalization.

So, the next time you prepare a cover letter try to be more specific and make it personal in context to the company where you are applying.

Cover Letter Rule 2- Do your research

With “Google” in the present web scene, it’s much easier to figure out the name of the individual responsible for hiring. You can also tap into resources like LinkedIn.

Browsing through the company’s website to check work profiles of employees can also turn out to be useful.

If it is not clear who’s hiring for your desired job position, you can simply address your cover letter to the person heading the respective department.

This shows that you put in a lot of effort, and would definitely score you some brownie points.

Cover Letter Rule 3 – Don’t make any assumptions

If your search for a name went unfulfilled, don’t take the easy way out by simply addressing the letter, “To The HR Professional.”

This greeting could turn out to be inaccurate, as there’s a good chance that the individual who’s hiring for this role doesn’t work in human resources normally.

Rather we recommend that you refer the recipient as a hiring manager.

Cover Letter Rule 4 – While addressing multiple people, maintain formality

A job posting might outline how the process of hiring will ensue and state you will only be called for an interview if your experience and skills mange to impress a hiring committee.

In such a case, don’t presume its okay to start your letter with a “Hi,” or “Hello,” because you’re addressing multiple people instead of one.

The thumb rule is to use the same language that was expressed in the job advertisement when making your greeting.

One way to address your letter is by saying, “Dear Panel Members,” Or “Dear Panel.”

This approach doesn’t just reveal that you are professional. It also shows that you have read the advertisement thoroughly and have an unambiguous understanding of the hiring process.

Cover Letter Rule 5 – Carefully proofread

All the hard work you did to create an impressive and impeccable cover letter will go to waste if you fail to carefully proofread it.

Every part of your cover letter must be proofread diligently to check for any mistakes or sections that are unclear.

In the end:

An accurately addressed cover letter cannot guarantee that you’ll land your dream job, of course; however it’ll more than likely give you a way in on those candidates who weren’t as careful with the opening of their cover letters. Instead of going with an overly formal and standard address like, “To Whomsoever It May Concern,” use the recommendations and hiring tips offered above to show you’re eager to work harder than most to stand out from the pack.

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