Daily Habits To Make Your Body Feel Good And Energetic

Daily Habits

Remember those days when you pretty much drag yourselves to home from work and jump straight into your cozy bed? Finding yourself in the everlasting energy slump is extremely common considering the nature of our jobs followed by our objectionable lifestyle.

Every so often our body fails to handle the excess stress and is ready to crumble under the pressure. Making some changes to our daily habits and lifestyle can help refuel our body with a boost of energy and vigour.

Here are some easy to practise daily habits that’ll help your body feel good throughout the day:

Fresh air for a fresh start:

Fun in the sun!

Starting the day with a morning walk, jog, or some outdoor exercises can optimise the energy flow through your body and prepare you for a much better and productive day ahead. Working out outside in the fresh air and sun will help you boost the production of serotonin hormones, which is responsible for controlling your mood swings and keeping you in a better frame of mind.

What to do?
  • Take walks or go for jogging outside instead of using treadmills.
  • Try replacing your gym sessions with outdoor exercises.

Healthy Breakfast:

Breakfast “Breaking the night long fast

Breakfast is regarded as the most vital meal of the day, and for good reason too. Scientists and researchers state that a healthy breakfast provides us with an optimum level of energy. Additionally, a wholesome breakfast acts as a good source of a number of nutrients including – Vitamin, Iron, Calcium, and Proteins. These nutrients are important to keep the body active and powered up for the whole day.  Food items like fruits, yoghurt, cheese, whole wheat bread etc. are the best preferences for breakfast.

What to do?
  • Try having breakfast within a couple of hours of waking up.
  • Try consuming 25-30% of your daily calories intake in your breakfast.

Mind your posture:

Your posture alone can have a significant effect on your mood and productivity throughout the day.

Most of us spend a lot of time of our day in a sitting position, be it our office chair, a public transport or our living room sofa. We tend to slump into the chair or lounge into the sofa to make ourselves feel relaxed. Such a poor selection of posture results in intense back pains, postural deformations, and several other ill-effects, in turn reducing the confidence and energy levels of the body.

What to do?
  • Try sitting up straight.
  • Use lumbar supports.
  • Perform basic stretching throughout the day.

Keep your body hydrated

Water water everywhere but you didn’t take a single drop to drink!

A regular intake of water is extremely important to keep the body hydrated and energized throughout the day. Additionally, scientists have found that continuous intake of water leads to a healthy body and mind. It also ensures lesser headaches and a better frame of mind throughout the day.

What to do?
  • Drinking 8-10 glasses of water on a daily basis is good for your health.
  • Keep refuelling your body with water after short intervals.

Ditch your smartphone as long as you can:

Our phones have become our shadows, they go wherever we go!

While it’s understandable to be glued to the gadget while we are awake, most of us don’t hesitate from bringing their phone to the bed at night. Now how could this end well? You’ll have your phone at your bedside, you’ll check your social media accounts every 10 minutes, you’ll cyber-stalk your EX and your crush all at once. The end result – a sleepless night that leaves you more tired than you had been before getting into bed the night before!

You have to accept that you cannot just wake up without reaching for your smartphone first. After waking up, you tend to spend the first 10-15 minutes on your phone looking for any possible update or message received during the night. You end up stressing yourself early in the morning and are quite likely to be late for work or school!

The smart idea is to ditch the smartphone in the morning as long as you can, rather give a healthy start to your day with some workout or Pranayam.

What to do?
  • Avoid using phones as your alarms.

Check your phones only after exercising.

These were some basic changes that you need to accept in your lifestyle to keep yourself active and productive throughout the day. So, drop the excuses and get going.

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