Dating Tips: Let’s Talk Icebreaking


In the early stages of a relationship, people are frequently filled with doubt, leading them to misread intentions and cues. This makes dating a confusing and challenging affair for many men, in particular. Knowing how to break the ice and attract the attention of a girl requires confidence and self-control. Once the ice breaks, you will become more comfortable getting to know each other, and the conversation will begin to flow.

We have some great dating and relationship advice on how to break the ice and begin a conversation with a girl.

Smile and Say Hello

A smile is a symbol of love, and it is an easy way to grab a girl’s attention. Besides this, it is simple, non-threatening, and appealing. Make eye contact then give a smile to capture her attention. After that, say hello and introduce yourself. It is essential to keep your introduction simple and straight to the point. For example, you can say, “Hello, I’m Toby. What’s your name?”

When she tells you her name, you can repeat it back to her or say it’s a cute name to indicate that you were paying attention to what she was saying.

Give Her a Compliment

A fantastic way to flirt with a girl is to give her praise. Point out something positive about her appearance or personality. It is wise to note that you should avoid complimenting parts of her body, as that can be termed sexual. Moreover, the compliment should be specific to her and not something you could say to any random lady.

A positive compliment could be something like, “Has anyone ever told you that you have the most incredible smile?” or “Your earrings (or any other jewelry she is wearing) look unique and beautiful.”

Make Sure to Listen to Her

Nowadays, dating apps are making it easier for people to find their soulmate. However, you may be too tense to listen to what the lady is actually saying, or you may be too focused to get the conversation going on your first date. However, to show a lady that you are interested in her, listen to what she is saying by maintaining eye contact, putting away your phone and trying not to interrupt her when she is talking. Listening to somebody when they are talking makes them feel special.

Talk About Lighthearted Topics

An excellent way to flirt with a girl is to keep the conversation going in the right direction. Avoid issues that are too heavy or will bring the mood down. You are advised to stick to topics that will make a girl comfortable, relaxed and free to open up and keep the conversation going forward.

Some of the topics that you may want to talk about include your favorite sports team, preferred movies or songs, places you have visited and your weekend plans.

Ask Her Out

If you had fun and a great conversation, you will very likely want to see the girl again. Keep calm and wait until the discussion has reached its peak. You may say that you need to get going, which will give her the impression that you want to invite her for a dinner date to get to know each other even more.

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