Top Five Dental Hygiene Tips To Protect Your Smile

dental hygiene tips

Brushing your teeth morning and night may not be enough to keep them healthy and looking good. You may not be protecting your teeth and gums as well as you should if your dental care routine is not properly designed. It’s not just about brushing; there are several other factors that come together to ensure proper dental hygiene.

dental hygiene tips

One of the most important things that you need to do in order to protect your teeth and gums is to visit a West Pennant Hills dentist on a regular basis. They will check your teeth and make sure that any cleaning and dental work is carried out, quickly and effectively. You also need to examine your daily dental hygiene routine, to make sure that you are getting it right.

Top Five Dental Hygiene Tips To Protect Your Smile

dental hygiene tips

Brushing in the right way

  • Simply rubbing your brush backwards and forwards across your teeth is not sufficient. Your brush should be at a forty-five-degree angle to your gums when you start brushing short strokes across the sides of your teeth, and along the top. To thoroughly clean the backs of your front teeth, you should switch to holding your brush vertically.

Brushing for the right amount of time

There is little point in brushing your teeth for a few seconds; two minutes is the recommended amount of time that you should keep going for. You can count the time in your head, or simply set an alarm on your phone like you do to wake you up in the morning. Thus brushing should be done twice each day.

Choose the right products

If you want your teeth and gums to remain in good condition follow these dental hygiene tips – Choose a toothbrush that fits your mouth correctly. For an average sized adult human mouth, this usually means choosing a small or medium brush. You should also use toothbrushes and toothpaste that have been approved by the Australian Dental Association as they test the authenticity of effectiveness claims.

Floss as well as brushing your teeth

Flossing gets rid of bacteria in your mouth. It’s these bacteria that causes plaque to build-up, so it’s important to get rid of it. Make sure that you reach all areas between your teeth when you floss, and that you use the correct action. You should also never re-use the same piece of floss between teeth as all you end up doing is spreading the bacteria. This is one of the most important dental hygiene tips.

Rinse your mouth with mouthwash

Using a good mouthwash is an important part of taking care of your oral hygiene. It reaches areas that you cannot get to by brushing or flossing. This helps to protect your teeth, while also protecting your gums from problems such as gingivitis.

You may think that you are doing fine by brushing your teeth a couple of times each day. However, simply brushing is often not good enough. You need to make sure that your brushing technique is correct and that you also floss your teeth and use a mouthwash.

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