Ways To Get Your Point Across To A Difficult Boss

Ways To Get Your Point Across To A Difficult Boss

Having a power struggle with your die-hard swellheaded boss? Trying to get your point across his narcissistic mindset? Well that’s a recipe for disaster, as much as you try to attempt the impossible; invariably you’re going to fail, if you are going in there without a fool proof plan.

You know you can’t change your boss, in most cases; you can’t even change your job, office, colleagues, truth be told I can’t even change the mouse on my workstation!

So, it appears the only thing you can change is how you communicate with him.

Here are some nifty ways to get your point across to a difficult boss, so stop spending an inordinate amount of your billable hours on complaining about the boss-man and step up your game with these ideas:

1# Don’t rush into it!

Lou Holtz said – “Virtually nothing is impossible in this world if you just put your mind to it and maintain a positive attitude.” Well, Holtz probably didn’t meet your boss I’d say!

Ways To Get Your Point Across To A Difficult Boss

It may be difficult to put your point across to the big guy but remember this, rushing into it isn’t going to help your case. Listen to that meek intuitive voice coming from your brain and be patient. When you are patient and you have the whole conversation sorted in your head then you’ll come across as an assertive individual who knows what he’s talking about.

2# Sing his song, speak his language!

The boss is the boss for a reason and you’ve got to make him feel he’s in command. When you want him to dance on your tune, you have to sing his song. Observe, understand and adapt his communication style. If he prefers communicating through emails, drop him a mail with your point of view carefully molded in the language he employs while dealing with clients or superiors. This ingenious idea will prove to be very helpful in your career.

3# Watch what you are saying – without saying!

Before you walk through that door first make sure you are relaxed. You may not realize this but your body language communicates on its own – A LOT. So if you’re trying to give him a piece of your mind but you are smart enough to sugar-coat your entire speech, make sure you work on your body language too. You don’t want your words communicating one thing and your posture and gestures the other. If your boss observes your demeanor to be confrontational he’ll raise his guard and your aim to put your point across, will go right out of the window. To douse the air, take some deep breaths and think some positive thoughts.

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