Don’t Wear Jewelry In These Weather Conditions

With the coming of summer, we are about to enter the “high-temperature mode.” However, the summer weather is like a child’s face, and the change is impermanent: the people who were sweating the day before, and in a few days they ushered in heavy rain. Wear less feel cold, wear more feel hot. In addition to worrying about the changeable weather when choosing clothes, people also need to pay attention to choose the right weather to wear jewelry when going out, or you will regret wearing the wrong one!

What are the most striking features of sunny days? Of course, the sunshine is good! Whether it is indoors or outdoors, on a sunny day, plenty of light can make name bracelets jewelry look good.

Wearing faceted gemstones on sunny days make you outstanding. The idea of ​​faceted gemstones is actually relative to the plain surface, both of which are the way to polish gemstones.

Faceted gemstones are polished into a series of geometric facets by calculating the shape, size and proportion during cutting, striving to show the beautiful color, brilliance and brightness of the gemstones. Compared with low-key introverted plain surface, the loss rate of the facet is relatively large, and the processing cost is also higher. For the same quality gemstone, the price of the facet is often more than 30% more expensive than the plain surface. However, but there are rewards as well as pains. The use of light of faceted gemstones is often amazing, and it is stunning to match the good sunshine. If your gemstones have a fascinating brilliance, you must wear getnamenecklace birthstone necklace on a sunny day and become the focus of the crowd!

In addition to faceted gemstones, such as opal, moonstone, and star garnet have their own special optical effects. It is also suitable to wear on a sunny day, and it is better to wear under strong light.

Don’t wear these jewels on a sunny day!

Ample sunlight also means higher temperatures. If it is spring, autumn and winter, it is actually okay, but if it is a hot summer, you have to pay attention! Not only are we afraid of heat, but many jewels are also afraid of high temperatures! On the one hand, exposure can cause fading. Long-term intense direct sunlight outdoors and a significant increase in temperature will affect the coloring factors or color centers of some gemstones, making them lighter. Such as topaz, sea sapphire, amethyst, and spodumene, don’t wear them out in the hot sun for a long time. This is not a good time to wear them ! They are better suited to show off their beauty in a cool room or at night! In particular, some stones that have been optimized for heating or irradiation before can also distort their beautiful colors when exposed to the sun. On the other hand, high temperatures will definitely cause evaporation of liquids such as moisture. For some gemstones it is not very friendly, and even cracking can affect both appearance and value.

Jewelry fans who are familiar with opals must know that many opals are water-containing. After experiencing high temperature, they will dehydrate and lose the original transparent texture or cracks will become bumpy without any luster.

Similar to turquoise, it is easy to lose the crystal water contained in the interior at high temperatures so that the bright and full blue-green color will become white and dull after dehydration. It may crack in severe cases.

Emerald is also afraid of the sun. In the hot summer sun, it may not only let it fade, but even let it “crack”. So don’t wear emeralds for a long time outdoors in summer. If you want to wear it, the air-conditioned room is more suitable!

There’s one more detail about summer that you shouldn’t ignore! In hot weather, if you need to stay outdoors for a long time, don’t wear large metal jewelry. Not only is it inconvenient to act, it is more likely to accidentally burn yourself at high temperatures! Like some hydrophilic gemstones, you can wear them with confidence in rainy day. In the humid air, it seems to be a comfortable SPA for the gemstones.

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