eCommerce SEO – The Ultimate eCommerce SEO Guide for 2019

eCommerce SEO – The Ultimate eCommerce SEO Guide for 2019

eCommerce SEO

In 2019, only a mere 34% of eCommerce owners employ or are privy about the massive potential of SEO. And that is indeed suicidal in a market where 36% of all online purchases start with a Google search. Sure, the big guns are already occupying the top spots but it really does not mean that overtaking them is a herculean task.

SEO is evolving, the entire world of digital marketing is evolving, and it is much easier for you to set modern strategies into motion when compared to those eCommerce giants.

Hence, an eCommerce SEO guide for 2019 cannot talk about keyword research or site architecture. You already know what to do there. But let us focus on tactics which will help you to capture the 22% organic traffic that always gets diverted to Amazon or Alibaba. The trick lies in following the trends and adapting with the changing needs.

eCommerce website vs mobile apps

Mobile-friendly is no more an option now, especially with Google’s mobile-first index in place. Plus,
• 62% of all eCommerce customers do product research and make their purchases with their smartphones.
• 90% of all users expect a good eCommerce experience on their mobiles.
• 120% since 2015, that is how much the search term “same day shipping” has grown on mobile.
And when you search for a product in the Google app, a few links are directed to the smartphone application installed on your phone. Just like this link from Amazon in the search result of “mens printed shirt”.

eCommerce SEO – The Ultimate eCommerce SEO Guide for 2019

Here comes the tussle, should you create a responsive website or focus on an app?
However convenient an app may seem, still 62% of online customers prefer using their mobile browser to shop as compared to the 21% who voted for using an app. SEO-wise, your focus must lie in building a superior responsive website with all the features that come in an app. Having a separate website for mobile altogether also helps, as it did for Zara and Snapdeal who ranked above Amazon for the same search term.

Add rich snippets wherever possible
Rich snippets or schema markups are the most underrated SEO feature. A Google search for “32 inch led tv” resulted in just one result on page one with a rich snippet.

eCommerce SEO – The Ultimate eCommerce SEO Guide for 2019

Search engine bots like to collect information. They also rank those websites who give them the most data. While others are focusing away from this crucial feature, you must use schema to markup at least the important products of your website. The more information that is visible on SERP, the better you will attract the users.

Look into influencer marketing
Almost 65% of eCommerce store owners focus on social media to create brand outreach. But Rand Fishkin, ex-Moz wizard, advises that the priority should lay in answering the question, “Who will help me to amplify my products?”. Getting social media shares for eCommerce is difficult and this is where influencer marketing comes in.

eCommerce SEO – The Ultimate eCommerce SEO Guide for 2019
Amazon won the world with affiliate marketing where they targeted bloggers to promote their products. You must follow a similar line where you can approach bloggers and social media influencers to spread your word. This will bring in traffic, which will indirectly help your SEO and boost your website’s rankings. Not being a direct SEO-parameter, influencer marketing is often overlooked. But traffic is necessary for all other variables to work.
And the list goes on
Neil Patel suggests deep linking whereas Backlinko advises to have a well-defined breadcrumb. The last study by Moz showed that over 200 SEO parameters work in tandem to help your website to rank. Whether your site is already live or about to launch soon, the end story is that search optimizing it must be a priority. And when you get the intricacies right along with the essentials, that is when the results come.

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