Twelve Interesting Traits of People Who Are Effortlessly Cool

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Gen Z is a set of cool boys and girls.  Coolness is a perception. No two people can describe ‘Cool’ in the same words.   So, how would you come to know if you are ‘extra’ or a ‘weird flex’?  Well, you do not have to try too hard to look cool.   The uniqueness of your personality makes you cool.  Two people don’t need to possess the exact similar traits to be cool.  For some, coolness may be about being a rebel who wears a leather-jacket.  For others, it could be about a scientist winning a Nobel Peace Prize.  Both are poles apart, but both are cool in their own way.  One thing is for sure.   You will come to know a cool person when you see one ‘coz they stand out in the crowd. 

Loving yourself is cool

Loving yourself can do you more good than you can ever imagine.   People who possess cool characteristics know that they cannot serve from an empty vessel.  So, they prioritize themselves.   When they begin to love themselves, they can brim with self-confidence and self-esteem.

Happy-go-lucky people spread cool vibes             

Happiness is scarce. Sadness is in abundance.  However, a cool person knows how to smile, even when things do not turn out the way they plan it.  Despite the twists and turns in life, they take everything in their stride. Stay happy and spread good vibes!

Open-minded people are the coolest 

People who are not prejudiced and are willing to accept new ideas can reach the stars.  Open-minded people are capable of opening several doors to success, even if they fail more than once.  Such people are capable of adapting quickly to the changing world.  Nothing can stop them from moving forward.

Learn to let go

A cool person knows how to let go and put an end to mental distress.   They know that holding on to bad memories will not allow them to move ahead in life.  They know that they cannot control everything in this world.  So it is better to walk away from things that hurt them the most.

Be a Busy Bee

Cool people are busy bees, not bumblebees.  They do not go about mumbling and fumbling unnecessarily.  They are absorbed within themselves.   Don’t start getting ideas!  They do not have a monumental ego. They only utilize their time in constructing themselves rather than wasting their time in frivolous things.

Unenvious cooldom

Do you turn green in envy?  If you don’t, then you are cool. An envious person invites pain for oneself.  Coolness is not about comparing oneself with others.  It is all about making yourself a better version of yourself every single day.   Criticism does not bother cool folks.

A tough nut to crack

Being a cool dude is all about being strong.  They do not allow anyone to break them down.  Coolness does not mean spending hours at the gym building muscles nor having six-packs. It is about making oneself emotionally and mentally strong.  You are a tough cookie if you withstand the ups and downs of life.

Cool dudes mind their own business

A cool person does not find pleasure in gossip or bitching behind backs.  They are chilled out and go about their business.  They have no interest in invading other people’s privacy. However, this does not mean that they are indifferent or unfriendly. Being empathetic but not intrusive is the height of coolness.

Be natural to be cool

They do not need to pretend to be someone they are not.  Cool people are not embarrassed to ask questions or seek advice.  They do not try to change themselves to please others.  Cool people are aware that their individuality is irreplaceable.  Why should you be intimidated by showing your inner qualities?  Ask yourself – who can play your role better than you?

Out-spoken but not brash 

They have their opinion and know precisely how to express themselves.   Cool people are not governed by what others may think.  They logically support their statements.  At the same time, they know that they are not answerable to everyone in this world for voicing their opinions.

Dressing Sense is not common

Presentation makes all the difference.  Some dress to kill, whereas others do not give a damn.  Cool people do not wear fashionable clothes to impress others.  Their dressing sense reflects their personality.  Comfort is their priority, not compliments.  They are not easily influenced by other’s opinions on what they wear.

Enjoy the little things in life 

Cool people know that magic lies in enjoying the little things in life.  They live in the present and do not take too much tension about the future.  They laugh out loud and are open to love. The bright side of every situation is their sunny side up! There’s no Bible that spells out the rules for being cool and stuff.  It is all in your head.  It is best that you do not allow others to define who you are. 

You have the capability of creating your cool quotient. Your personality will make you cool in your own style.  It is a stressed-out world out there!    It would not hurt to let your hair down once in a while or get a little silly, and wacky.  Get your cool therapy on and live life on the lighter side.  Just keep it simple.  Just keep it 100!

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