Event Management or Planning – Employment Opportunities to Many

Event Management or Planning – Employment Opportunities to Many

Now is the right time to start your dream business as an Event Management or a Planner. If not now, then when are you planning to invest your creativity? It is the most exciting field and there is also much scope in it.

It has been studied by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that one will see an increase at a much faster pace in the Event Management than any other business.

It not only gives wings to your dreams but you are creating employment opportunities for many people. Many creative people are waiting to be discovered just because you are giving shape to your dreams. It does not mean you need a huge amount to invest in the business, you can just start with small basic contracts and little front-up costs. The main requirement to start an Event Management business is a bunch of creative heads. If you wish to know the real basic requirements, you should definitely work under top wedding venues in Chennai. They are so amazingly smart and driven that even with the very limited budget, they bring out the most and the best décor and management service to the venues. One sure needs to learn something from them.

So before jumping into the business, take a look at some of the following practical things.

Startup Costs

Thankfully, the event management business is not very expensive to start. If you are an independent dreamer, you can start right from your kitchen desks. But you will surely need some startup costs. The basic and the most prime thing are to hire an attorney to complete all the legal work to get started. You will also need little money for office supplies and marketing purposes to let the world know your business.

Business Goals

If you are serious about your business, then you will need a fully planned business goal, to keep your business moving in the right track. Prepare a realistic goal and lookout for ways to improve it. Do not make goals that are hard to achieve because if you are failing or getting slowed down to reach your goals, you will very soon lose your interest in the business and this would not only affect you but also others who are dependent upon you for employment. Hence, small-term easy to achieve business goals should do the job.

Your Portfolio

Your business can only sell if you can get a hold of an amazing portfolio. Your business cannot run just by word-of-mouth. Prepare an attractive portfolio and show the world what you are capable of. This can be done by,

1.       Photoshoots of a mock event. Make sure you give detailed attention to every small thing like table decorations, cake, flowers, etc. This is your only chance to show the world your talent. You can also use this opportunity to get a hold of your local vendors. You can offer those free referrals and future business in return of investment. This way you have created an employment opportunity for the local vendors as well.

2.       If you have put some effort into your family or friend’s events, you can show then as well through pictures and videos focusing your work.

3.       Your professional memberships or certification lists.

First Client

It is a very difficult task to get your first client. They are your career decider and you must make all the efforts possible. You can get a hold of them by sending direct mails, requesting your friends or family for an opportunity or a service with heavy discounts. One must take note that you cannot think about profit in the first stage of business. Forget about your profits and start working to build your career. But make sure it does not cost you. Take hold of the budget and act accordingly.

Marketing Your Business

Marketing is the key to your business. Spend as much time and energy to market your business. Your business can run only if the world knows about it. Attract and engage your customers with attractive offers, discounts, and services. Look for all possible ways to market whether online, pamphlet, word-of-mouth, advertisements in local newspapers or magazines and many more.When you are starting an event management business, you will have to play many different roles. So be prepared to take up the challenge and blossom all your way to success.

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