Feel Healthier and Happier…Go Fishing…



If you want to be happier and healthier, go fishing. It’s official. This gentle and noble past-time is no longer something which is just reserved for serious aficionados. Learning to fish can not only teach you many valuable life lessons, but it will also make you feel so much better about yourself in the long run. Are you unsure? Read on to find out…


Switch off, get away from it all…

Give your mind a break. If you venture out on a fishing boat you’re not only surrounded by water, but beautiful fresh air and scenery. All the things that technology can’t really give you. Unplug, forget about everything and switch off. The outdoors alone is a great way to calm your brain.

Boost Your Confidence Naturally!

It might not be an obvious choice of hobby, and even may seem a bit hard to get to grips with however, in time it’s the perfect hobby to make you feel more confident. Trying a new hobby or adventure can lead to long term mental health benefits and a real increase in self esteem. Fishing is one of those hobbies that can make you feel good about yourself because it offers many chances to learn and improve your skills – and sometimes you can transfer them to other areas of your life.

Get some rays…

Sun! We all  love it and it not only keeps our minds happy, but our bodies too. Vitamin D improves your immune system thanks to spending time under those rays. Fishing in the spring or summer time is an ideal to give your physical health a boost – remember to always wear a good sunscreen and a hat to be protected if you’re going to be outdoors for a long time

Find inner peace – recharge

Modern life is full of hassles and stress, we all know it. Grabbing your fishing rod and heading to a serene fishing spot should be a regular “must do” activity. Studies have found that fishing is so good for lowering anxiety and stress as it means you have to focus your mind on one single activity for a period of time, this can be centering and calming.

It can help you communicate better

When you go fishing with loved ones in a quiet area, you have the perfect opportunity to communicate without any distractions. This boosts your quality time and can help you strengthen your friendships while you catch fish. What could be better than making a catch, then heading back to shore to cook, eat and share your spoils?

Take in the world around you

Many of us simply aren’t aware of the world around us. Fishing gives you a chance to feel more in tune with the what’s around you. How many of us could all do with having greater awareness and knowledge about our beautiful oceans as well as marine life?



It’s great exercise…

Fishing really does encourage you to be more active. It isn’t just something you do sitting down in a boat! Sometimes you have to be more active and use your muscles. Think about the energy you need to cast off and reel in, you can get the fresh air and exercise in one!


Improve Your Diet

Fish is really good for your health -with a healthy dose of protein and omega-3 fatty acids perfect for mind and body. We should all be aiming for 3 – 4 portions a week.

Don’t forget


Just being out in nature can be so beneficial to you. Research shows that people who spend time outdoors feel healthier and this makes them happier. Being in a beautiful place in the Caribbean is sure to lift your spirits. There’s beautiful turquoise water, soft sand beaches to dig your toes into, and the chance to breathe in some fresh air during a fishing trip.


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