How Good Female Hygiene Can Help You

Female hygiene

A woman can save herself from persistent infections and discomfort by taking good care of hygiene issues. Being healthy and comfortable is the aim of maintaining good female hygiene. The basic principles for hygiene maintenance is showering, brushing and flossing regularly and so on. But, women have to pay special attention to personal hygiene.

Some tips that can resolve female hygiene issues

There is a lot of hype around using female hygiene products. Many a time these use harsh chemicals that are not really needed by you. All it needs is some simple tips that can keep you comfortable and healthy down there.

Female hygiene is a largely unattended issue in even today’s educated masses. It can make you feel good and comfortable. The main idea is to be healthy and avoid disease. Small things can make a difference. Take those few minutes to take care of yourself and stay well and healthy.

Female hygiene
  • The vagina has a natural self-cleansing system. There are secretions that keep the Ph. balance healthy. Excessive use of feminine washes and soap may strip it of natural protection. It’s a good idea to wash the Vulva or the outer vagina with warm water and soap and let the internal vagina clean itself.
  • Do wear pure cotton underwear, preferably white. This keeps dampness away and helps you avoid infections. Satin and nylon does not absorb moisture and may give you infections.  Breathable underwear can help airflow, which can keep you dry, comfortable and free of fungal infections.
  • The vagina has a unique smell.  It can be musky and be accompanied with a clear discharge. The odour is healthy in most times. If you feel that the discharge is cloudy or has traces of blood it could signify an underlying problem. If the smell is unusually strong and fishy, get a check-up done immediately. The problem could require antibiotics.
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