Review: Flintobox – Bye Bye Gadgets There’s A New Player In Town!

Flintobox Review

Keeping young children away from gadgets is a big challenge in this gadget-dependent world. I was looking for an option that allowed my children aged 4 and 6 engaged and away from the harmful radiations that emanate from the tablet or phones that we so willingly entertain our children with. Flintobox popped up on my Facebook screen and I decided to order one for my children.

The joy on their faces when they received the box which had four sporting activities was worth the expense. They spent an hour setting up the games and are more than happy putting away at the golf game or shooting balls at the ring. What amazed me was the thought behind the activity. The child can build the game by himself and then play for days without feeling bored. They do not even need supervision and I can freely complete my chores now while they play good wholesome play. I look forward to getting them all the boxes available.

Flintobox Review

Flintobox is an award-winning subscription box for young learners from age 3 to 12. The amazing product is delivered to your doorstep and you can even opt for a monthly subscription at a discounted price! The boxes are full of play-based activities that encourage the child’s development in an exploratory and entertaining way.

Every month we receive a box based on a new theme. The research based Flintobox indulges 12 developmental areas and contributes in laying a strong foundation for the child’s bright future prospects. These play based activity kits bring in new concepts that lead to independent thinking in the child. My children are engaged with the challenging as well as fun academic experiments at home. Not only does Flintobox give my children a practical exposure to art and science it also helps in keeping them away from the idiot box and their formerly adored gadgets.

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