6 Hat Style Trends that are Currently Ruling 21st Century Fashion

hat style trends

Hats have always been in style. They have been worn by men and women of all classes and professions, not just for their utility but for fashion as well. Hats help to amp up one’s look. Depending on the style, they can either add a touch of elegance or magnify the cool factor. Hat styles have traveled across sectors. Age rarely matters when wearing a hat. So, if you identify yourself as a hat connoisseur and can’t help yourself from buying a little too many, know that you are not alone.

For fashionistas like you, here’s a list of 6 hat styles that are currently in trend in the 21st century. And these styles are here to stay, despite the pace at which fashion moves now. Pick your favorites, create a timeless look. Turn more than a few heads on the streets and inspire people to follow your taste in fashion.

6 Hat Style Trends that are Currently Ruling 21st Century Fashion

  1. Bucket hats

Well, let’s start with the obvious. You have probably seen your fair share of bucket hats already but that’s only because the bucket hat trend has exploded all over the world. 21st-century fashion has been about reviving the 1990’s look and bucket hats have somehow taken the lead in the apparel arena. You can always pair your formals with a neutral bucket hat or wear the hat with high tops. For a unique look, order customized bucket hats online and become the center of attraction. You can display a logo you like or go funky by sporting a camouflage design.

  1. Snapback

And you thought snapbacks will go out of fashion soon! On the contrary, snapback hats are still ruling like a king of hats solely because of the perfect marriage between fashion and functionality. You can wear a snapback in almost all seasons and use it in any orientation to look cool or classy. A snapback hat gives you a relaxed look, casual to every extent, and yet emanates the message that you know what you are doing with your fashion. Again, pair a snapback with any outfit and carry a cool vibe around you. If you are a seller, now is the time to stock up on wholesale snapbacks hats. And if you are a buyer, you should definitely dedicate a whole cabinet to snapbacks.

  1. Mesh hats

These are an extension of the snapback style where the fabric does not cover the whole crown. Instead, you get a mesh pattern on the sides and/or the back. And why exactly did a snapback sibling rise to fashion’s fame? The mesh not only gives you a cool look but also acts as ventilation. And people grabbed the mesh hats as perfect summer hats as we could not let go of this vital fashion accessory even when the mercury rose to record highs. Mesh hats sit perfectly well with western outfits. You may even wear it with a hoodie during winters. As cap connoisseurs, customize your mesh hats to sport a different look all around the year.

  1. Baseball

No! I am not naming yet another snapback sibling. Baseball hat styles are very different than snapback hats. They sit higher on your head and carry the traditional 5-panel adjustable caps. Baseball caps are the headgear version of the athleisure fashion boom of the 21st-century. As we shifted from formal trousers and skirts to yoga and track pants, we also changed our hats from fedora and trilby to baseball hats. However, you do not have to wear a baseball hat just with an athleisure outfit. Pair it with a casual shirt and look as cool as a celebrity. Baseball hats are probably one of the most versatile fashion gears on this list.

  1. Beanies

Gone are the days when beanies came out only during winters. Sure, you can’t wear a beanie in peak summers but any other time, they are perfect headgears with almost any outfit. You can wear a beanie with a formal suit. And of course, you can wear a beanie with denim and a top. The best part about a beanie is that the hat is available in varying hat styles. You get chunky winter pieces that add a sense of volume to your look. Or, the sleek ones that are versatile enough to complement any outfit. Beanies, as a trend, will rule the fashion world and you can never get bored by wearing them.

  1. Camp hats

The brim is smaller and the crown is shorter. The edges are wider and the make is thicker. A camp hat is almost a hybrid between a snapback hat and a flat cap, yet it looks very different from both. Wearing camp hats will give you a cool intellectual look, paired with the right attire, or you can go classy by coupling it with formals. The idea is to stand out among snapback wearers and outshine most fashion trends. Buy customized camp hats to radiate your personality and rock 21st-century street fashion.

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