3 Problems And Solutions Concerning Health And Well-being Of Entrepreneurs


The life of an entrepreneur seems exciting from outside. Making your own schedule, chalking out your own rules, and building your business from scratch sounds absolutely fascinating!

If truth be told, successful entrepreneurs are in fact idolized by masses as they seem happier, passionate, successful, and more determined than anyone else.

Yet, there exists an unseen dark side to being an entrepreneur, a side that’s seldom discussed – the lifestyle of an entrepreneur is filled with a number of health issues.

The captivating and fascinating lives of entrepreneurs come at a price. The demands of business ownership place them at a higher risk of certain health problems. When you work like a machine, don’t get enough sleep, and stop listening to your body – you open the doors to various health issues.

Let’s dig into some issues faced by hardworking entrepreneurs and solutions to the same:

Problem 1 – Working on their laptops all day long with your back hunched in incorrect positions results in back problems.

Health And Wellbeing Of Entrepreneurs

Solution – By making few changes in the way you sit while working can help you get relief from back pain. All you need to do is move your mouse closer to your body, be particular about your chair and keep your head in upward position. Also make sure you are keeping your spine upright by placing your knees at 90 degrees, directly over your ankles.


Problem 2 – Stress caused on the back by driving to or from work or sitting in one posture for too long will make things worse for the back.

Health And Wellbeing Of Entrepreneurs

Solution – Take short but frequent breaks; make sure you get up once every hour. This could be a quick bathroom or coffee break. While you are on your break do a few shoulder rolls this helps in reducing pressure on the spinal disks and at the same time improves circulation.

Problem 3 – Being sleep deprived because of stress, and when you get a chance for few hours of shut-eye you don’t get quality sleep.Health And Wellbeing Of Entrepreneurs

Solution – The life of an entrepreneur involves many challenges, and the stress comes with the job. With a jam-packed schedules and little to no time for sleep, when you get a chance to doze off you deserve a sound one.  Yet you don’t, why? Is it because of the mattress? Many of us don’t realize that mattresses begin to lose their form, within a couple of years which causes joint pain and restless sleep.

A good mattress can turn around an entrepreneur’s quality of life by offering both comfort and convenience. Sunday mattress is the first online mattress brand in India. And their USP is their 100 Nights trial which offers “TRY FIRST & PAY LATER” option to the customers. Sunday mattresses offer superior back and spine support with zero partner disturbance. What’s more is they are anti-allergenic and they come in king, queen and single sizes.

How does the 100 Nights Trial work?

To sum up:

While the challenges are real and inevitable, there are still few shreds of hope for all the entrepreneurs out there. Start small and change your mattress first and see how it improves your quality of sleep and with that your quality of life. Truth is, you need a relaxed mind to come up with the out-of-the-box innovations required in your field of work!


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