Top 5 Tips To Get A Healthy Heart

healthy heart
A healthy heart leads the way towards a healthy lifestyle.

The human heart works day and night, pumping the blood throughout our body and helping us ‘stay alive’. But what are we doing in return? We indulge in – An unhealthy lifestyle, smoking, un-counted calorie intake and a whole lot of stress. That is certainly not the way to go. Such a way of life will only result in poor health and premature ageing of your heart and in turn bad health for you. You need to change.

Here are some tips that can help you get a healthy heart:

  1. Moderate physical exercise

The excess body fat that you have been ignoring is a clear indicator of an unhealthy lifestyle. Moderate physical activities like taking small walks, brisk running or practising yoga at the start of your day can help you manage your blood flow. It will increase the flow of blood and oxygen in all the parts of your body including your heart, which is exactly ‘what is required for a healthy heart’. Additionally, you need to manage your body weight to a healthy level. It helps you reduce the risks of developing a heart problem.

  • Say no to smoking

It’s high time to ditch the cigarettes. Smoking is bad for your health; it increases the chances of both heart and lung diseases. It may also cause angina or a stroke. Smoking is extremely bad not just for your health but also for your near and dear ones as second-hand smoke is equally dangerous and can cause cardiovascular diseases.

  • Keep a check on your blood pressure

Take care of the ‘silent killer’ blood pressure. Blood pressure whether high or low isn’t a disease in itself rather it is an indication about an impending health problem. High blood pressure increases the risk of damaging your arteries, making it difficult for the blood and oxygen to flow properly to the heart. This results in overstressing the operation of the heart, as it has to pump harder to supply blood, and oxygen to all the other parts of the body. The heart gets worn out quickly and this results in several problems like heart attack and/or stroke.

  • Say a Big NO to stress

Stress is a killer, for both your mental as well as physical health. People suffering from stress or depression are at high risk of developing heart-related ailments. The best way to minimize stress from your life includes taking out time for your hobbies, you might try singing, dancing, going out for a movie with friends or even knit a sweater if you want. The idea is to relax your brain and enhance the mood to avoid that killer stress and get a health heart.

  • Your daily routine

The routine that you follow on a daily basis has a major impact on your heart’s health. The food you consume, the activities you perform, your sleep routine, each of these factors matter a lot when it comes to the health of your heart. Consider these small changes to optimise your daily routine for the betterment of your heart’s health.

For a healthy heart you need to: –

  • Cut short on unhealthy calories.
  • Avoid Trans-fat.
  • Start your day with a nutritious breakfast.
  • Eat more nuts and fruits.
  • Deep breathing and yoga are your saviors.
  • Cut short on artificial salt.
  • Optimise your sleeping hours

Now that you know the importance of a healthy heart for maintaining a healthy body you must start making these little changes in your lifestyle to support your heart that works relentlessly for you. Don’t just create a BETTER but a HEALTHIER version of you.

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