Got Bored With Your Interior? Try These 5 Home Improvement Alterations

If you are bored with your living room, these great Home Improvement Alteration ideas will help revamp it in just a few minutes. These simple but effective five home improvement alterations will make your home more exciting and attractive!

I’ve always been proud of myself about my home interiors. However, I soon realized that the best doesn’t always remain exciting and I got bored looking at the same interiors day in and out.

I thought I had to bring some change in my life without any expensive renovations.

I did these simple but effective five home improvement alterations that made my home so much more exciting and attractive!

1. Living room

If you are bored with your living room, these great ideas help revamp it in just a few minutes. Try changing the layout. I wasn’t keen on moving the sofa, because watching TV was so much enjoyable from it! So I just rearranged the armchairs and added a recliner to create a reading corner.

Switching cushions is also a quick way to brighten up the living room. They are available in so many colors, shapes, and textures that you will definitely find something unique for your living room!

Like always, adding a gallery wall with photos, record covers, prints, or even wallpaper bits or framed fabric cut-offs goes a long way in updating your living room. It both fills a blank wall and adds personality to it.

You can also throw in some houseplants for a natural look and have more fresh air. If you aren’t in a hurry, I suggest you give the floor and walls a fresh coat of paint.

2. Bedroom

Yes, the bedroom is perfect for relaxing at the end of a long day. However, I learned that time too can turn it blah, but these ideas did bring its oomph back!

I made the walls attractive by hanging up my favorite painting, family photos, posters or quilt. I also turned one wall into an accent wall by painting it with dark and intense colors and adding some stenciled designs.

If you want some excitement, try adding something shining to your bedroom. It can be something glass or metallic surface like the sequins on some throw pillows I found. However, I must say, don’t overwhelm the effects with too much metal!

I found that throwing in some bright and colorful throw pillows helped too. I stuck to the general rule of thumb by using three pillows, coordinated by color, style, or design.

I then thought I’d update my lighting to create some panache. I didn’t do much. I just swapped my existing dull fixtures with a spectacular bold ceiling fixture. And I must say, all it takes is a high-impact and attractive bedside lamp for something unique.

I lastly added some houseplants and updated my bedding and rug to spruce up my otherwise dull bedroom.

3. Playroom

With children spending hours in playrooms, I always thought it should be a center for learning, playing, and fun. So I decided to let my imagination free to create a functional playroom that my kids will also love.

Kids are naturally hyperactive and are quickly distracted, making it all the more difficult to keep them entertained. However, I learned that a correctly set up baby gym can keep them entertained for hours.

I also created a reading, and arts and crafts nook with a table and chair, and relevant supplies. Or if your kids love watching videos, you could use a TV to create a media center. I just suggest you keep everything within arms’ reach. This not only keeps things organized, and but makes kids more focused on what they do.

My kids, like others, also have lots of stuff lying around. So I thought I’d fit the room with a combination of the right storage pieces for their books, video games, and toys. I chose something that’s both multi-functional and neutral colored, and which I know will grow with your children.

I wanted to add some color, and I did it by adding colorful accessories like throw rugs, blankets, covers, and wall art. I then thought I’d complete the look with a theme. I used a combination of decals and paint to create a playroom my kids now don’t want to leave.

Home Improvement Alterations

4. Kitchen

A drab kitchen can look vibrant through these minor, but effective home improvement alterations.

Start by painting the kitchen cabinets with a bright hue like orange, yellow, and green. It makes your kitchen stand out and look bright. You could match your wall colors, by painting the cabinets a shade darker or more vivid than the walls.

Highlighting and creating a particular focal accent wall in a bright shade gives your kitchen a sophisticated look. Adding some bricks and tiles adds texture.

You can alternatively use a wall and open wooden shelves to display your exotic crockery sets, and create a crockery gallery. Hooks and racks also prove helpful at showing off your coffee mug collection.

Updating your backsplash with vibrant patterns and colors injects life into the kitchen. All it takes are a few striking patterns and geometric shapes to spruce up a dull kitchen!

Next, try adding something unusual for surprise and excitement. Adding rugs, mirrors, or lounge chairs surprise your senses to make your kitchen look not just attractive, but even unique.

5. Garage

The garage is most neglected because we feel it doesn’t need to look good. However, my garage no longer looked boring after these alterations! Besides, I made a fascinating spot for my husband so he could rest and have fun.

I used some shelves and hooks to create vertical space to store all those things I seldom used, but needed out of the way. I also installed a few cabinets to create additional storage space, and thus declutter the garage.

I then painted my usually dingy concrete floor to make it more attractive. It’s amazing what a little paint can do to a drab garage! 

After all the decluttering and painting, the garage looked so beautiful; I thought I could use it as an extra room. I anyway didn’t use the garage for parking and needed a place to hang out with guests.

So I just installed a new door and a mini-heating and cooling system. It not only keeps us comfortable through the year, but its dehumidifier prevents possible dampness.

I was thrilled with the result, and surprised at how a little decluttering and painting goes at creating a more comfortable living space!

Final Thoughts

There you go. I’d tried these minor but useful home improvement alterations on these five rooms, and it’s done wonders. So why not you try them out too if you are bored of your interior?

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