Top 10 Home Makeover Ideas For The Budget Friendly Decorator

budget-friendly home makeover ideas

Your lovely home, your beloved sanctum sanctorum symbolizes your unique taste, personality and preferences. A house becomes home when it is decorated with things you love. With a small change of old slipcovers with new ones or replacement of worn-out carpets with area rugs, you can have your house tell your story in your STYLE!

And you can do all this without burning a hole in your pocket?

How you ask??Top 10 Home Makeover Ideas For The Budget Friendly Decorator

Read on to discover some budget-friendly home makeover ideas and take your homedécor to the next level without hiring a professional interior designer:


  1. Give your flat a new look by applying the right colors to the walls YOURSELF. If you want to save money and have some painting skill, you can paint yourself. Put on your oldest pair of overalls, call your besties and grab a brush to paint your walls while having a gala time.
  2. If you stay in a small apartment, then stay away from darker shades instead choose a lighter hue as it makes the space look bigger. It is always advisable to use a paint calculator to be sure that you are not buying too much or too little paint.
  3. Make a room feel larger by using round rugs on the floor according to your floor size. Rugs woven from natural fibers, cotton and wool will bring a burst of fresh energy to your room. They can be easily found and are budget-friendly too.
  4. You can make your windows look beautiful by just being a little creative. You can customize cotton sheets with stencils or dye to create DIY blinds. You can also buy factory direct blinds for windows and make your windowpanes look incredible without breaking the bank!
  5. The longstanding front door décor themes are oh-so-passé. To make your front door stylish decorate it with budget-friendly accessories like – Flower baskets, huge letter monograms, faux flowers or a fancy chalkboard with your house number or an inspirational quote.
  6. DIY decor accessories can save the day for the budget-friendly decorator. A uniquely designed clock speaks volumes; additionally, you can also go for a chic artwork, print it out from the internet get a good frame, put the picture in the frame and hang it in the wall.
  7. Using wall decals or stickers is another fantastic way to add a dash of oomph to your home and the best part is that you can do it yourself KACHING!!!
  8. Furniture is one of the most expensive elements of interior décor the best way to save money is to repurpose furniture. You can save a lot by turning:
    • An unattractive TV trolley into a charming bookcase for the living room
    • Your old seating as bedside tables
    • An old bed into a charming settee
    • A worn-out dressing table into a functional workspace
  9. For your dinning space, go for a light paint that will make the space look brighter. Create a chic look with the mix of minimalist accessories from the flea market.
  10. Keeping in mind that lighting can make or break the look of your beautiful living room you need to add a statement piece that’ll talk the talk without costing you big time. Instead of a pricey chandelier go for vibrant DIY chandeliers using candle lanterns, mason jars, gold fringes, bulb cages, beads or shells which will glow like the moon. These nifty chandeliers add up on style while carrying off on the price.

So, draw up a plan for your home makeover and use these fantastic ideas to make your interior look extravagant without spending a fortune.

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