Additions to your home to make it more unique

Getting a home is all well and good but when it comes to decorating it, many people fall into the same trap and do the same things. Sometimes people will do it in a slightly different way but usually, it falls into the category of adding a different colored wall or hanging a piece of art. These are fine ideas but hardly groundbreaking. If you want to rock the boat with your home design and get people talking about your home, then you need to think a little differently. Here are a few ideas to ponder for your home.

More unusual furniture

Most people in the home will have very similar furniture. It may be you have invested in a compact loveseat or a fold-out sofa bed to have in your living room but so will everyone else around you. Why not try something a little wilder? You could have a globe that houses a drinks cabinet, a table that transforms into a games board, or a room that is hidden behind a bookcase. There was a time when things like this would only happen in the movies but interior designers these days truly can work wonders. 

Eco-Friendly renovations

Not only will this be good for the planet, but it will be good for your home. If you are planning on renovation, then you should definitely take the opportunity to upgrade your eco credentials. Not only will it look cool, but it will also help you live for cheaper. Most eco-friendly renovations lower your long-term costs in heating and electricity. You could replace weatherboarding with corrugated metal and upgrade your windows to double-glazed in addition to the solar panel on the roof. 

Glass links

If you have an outhouse or a nearby building in your home, then there is nothing quite as attractive as having a glazed glass link between them. These small corridors not only stop you from having to leave your home to get to the other building but allow you to experience the joys of the outside without embracing the harsher elements of it. It can be used to join older and newer parts of the house and will look incredibly unique compared to your neighbor’s.

Expose the fabric 

If you have an older home, then you can expose the older fabric of the building to show off its age and add character to any room. Not only this but you can use salvaged materials as well. An exposed timber frame is certainly a statement decoration in any home. It also brings a little bit of appreciation to the work that has gone into making your home. It reveals all of the thoughts, trials, and tribulations of those who built it.  

Making your home more unique

There are so many different things you can do to make your home unique. Ultimately what will make it unique is you. It will be your likes, dislikes, and style that creates a unique home for you. Make sure that whatever you do, you do it because you like it. 

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