How to Reprogram Your Mind for Positive Thinking: 2 Simple Steps

Reprogram Your Mind for Positive Thinking: 2 Simple Steps

How can we reprogram our mind for positive thinking? In general, all of us have automatic thoughts and more often than not these are negative thoughts in order to change our thought process we need to get a hold of our thoughts. Usually we tend to have recurring negative thoughts, every so often we get obsessed by something bad that has happened and on other occasions we find it difficult to control our attention, what we are really struggling to do is to master our mind in a more efficient manner.

We have conscious and unconscious thoughts, based on the past experience our brain reacts to the present situation which may not always be a good reaction. For instance, if in past someone has broken a promise or lied to you then every time this person makes a commitment to you the first reaction from your mind would be to distrust this person because of the unpleasant past experience with him/her. We need to discipline our mind to generate positive thoughts even when it is on auto pilot.

The problem with our thought generation process is that we give more attention and importance to our negative thoughts and we do that again and again and again and all that repetition makes it an automatic response in our mind. Thus, our mind automatically brings up negative responses and reactions over and over again, if we would repeat positive thoughts in the same way we do for negative ones then we would be able to train our mind to a new way of thinking and reacting. To put this into practice think about best positive outcomes in any situation, try to take control of your attention, observe where are your thoughts are right now be aware and be conscious of your thoughts.

Think about your thoughts make it a habit, the more you notice the more you can interrupt and redirect your thoughts. Be self directed and choose what you want to focus on. Think and focus on positive things and visualizing positive outcome also helps to a great extent. Inadvertently our mind assigns a lot of importance to our negative thoughts….WHY? Well because we told our mind to do that, HOW? I’ll give you an example, if your spouse is late from work and you are not able to reach them on phone what would be your reaction? The normal reaction would be worrying; with each passing minute your mind will direct your thoughts towards all the worst possible things that might have happened to your spouse you would think that they probably met with an accident or worse.

Isn’t this strange? We create such negative thoughts for someone we love. Think about it how many times has someone in your family actually met with an accident I would assume the response would be once in a decade for some it would be never so when the odds of something bad happening are so low then why does our mind create these negative thoughts, there is just one reason to explain this – the reason is that we spend a lot of time thinking negative thought.

Now to stop our mind from being so negative we need to train our mind, you can do it in two steps:

Positive Thinking- Step 1#

The easiest way to do this is to keep focusing your mind on positive thoughts it will go back to negative thoughts but you need to pull it back towards the positive alternative. When a negative thought pops into your mind force your brain to and focus on the positive alternatives and keep repeating, this repetition will form a new habit for your brain.

Positive Thinking- Step 2#

Another way to train your brain is to write down 10 positive affirmations and read them thrice every day, this discipline will certainly help in eliminating the unconscious negative thoughts. 

Power of Affirmations Exercise:

Reprogram Your Mind for Positive Thinking 2 Simple Steps

Example 1# When you feel so down that you cannot even get out of bed:

  • This day brings me nothing except joyfulness.
  • Today will be a dazzling day to memorize.
  • My views and thoughts are my truth so I choose to think positive thoughts.
  • I fill my day with optimism and face it with delight.
  • I opt to completely involve myself in my day.

Example 2# When you are anxious about future prospect:

  • I decide to let go of my reservations as they deplete my energy.
  • I make smart, well calculated plans for my future.
  • I am in absolute charge of setting up for my future accomplishments.
  • I trust in my own capability to provide well for my family.

Example 3# When you come face to face with a problem:

  • I am secure and protected. All is well.
  • Everything is working out for my betterment.
  • Everything happens for a reason.
  • What doesn’t destroy me makes me stronger.
  • I am smart; I have the ability to get through this.
  • Every problem dies its natural death.

The positive affirmations could be any of the above; however you can also formulate your own positive affirmations. Don’t forget to share your views and affirmations in comments below.

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