How To Use LinkedIn To Land Your Dream Job

How To Use LinkedIn To Land Your Dream Job

We all have certain aspirations and dreams when it comes to our career. It’s not much different from the response you gave to the question “what do you want to become in future?”

With any luck, by the time you reach the end of your college life, you probably would have decided already how you want to accomplish that dream. Perhaps you want to be a writer; however you got your college degree in media to open yourself to more career options.

The desire for your dream job will never go away. With recent online tools like LinkedIn, you aren’t too far from achieving your dreams. With a bit of business networking skills, you will be able to get that dream job, you always wanted. If you have tries your hands on LinkedIn before and had trouble figuring it out then get rid of those useless LinkedIn for dummies and useless LinkedIn training sessions just follow our simple suggestions to get the best out of this one of a kind business networking tool.

Here we’ll show you How to use LinkedIn to land your dream job

How To Use LinkedIn To Land Your Dream Job 1

1. Connect with others in your industry

If you are also new to LinkedIn and are still trying to figure out how to use LinkedIn then don’t fret anymore we are here to help. First and foremost you must understand that LinkedIn is a business networking tool meant not only to display your accomplishments and experience, but also to get connected with people who have already built a successful career in the industry you are trying to make your way into. Create connections with potential employers and co-workers. Online networking is the new face of networking. By keeping up with what your peers are are up to, you can also build relationships and shape your career before you even appear for an interview for a position.

2. Publish your views on current events and best practices

Potential employers look for people who have background knowledge about their respective industry, and there’s much more to your profile than contact information and past job description. The publishing feature in LinkedIn allows you to compile your thoughts about industry-related topics or on a current event that will show potential employers that you are paying attention to current happenings and are competent to respond to it in an attentive and professional manner.

However, LinkedIn is also not the right place for profoundly opinionated blog-posts. An easy way to display your ability to do research and would be to present both sides of an argument. Employers, in almost every industry, look at your posts to assess your communication and written skills when deciding if you are a prospect candidate for their company.

3. Join or start discussions

Join discussion groups on LinkedIn, these groups are the right place to start discussions and ask questions about the industry you want to enter. You may not connect with every person in the group; however the fact that these people will see your name and notice your profile, will turn out to really helpful in the long run.

Try to interact with people having similar interests and are working towards similar goals as you do. These days’ potential employers get to know prospect employees even before they meet them personally, just by going through their profiles. Your profile, if used correctly is more than a resume and can turn into your ticket to the career you’ve always dreamt of.

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