How To Improve Your Relationships

How To Improve Your Relationships

Throughout your life, there are a number of relationships you will have, including ones with parents, co-workers, peers, and significant others. Chances are that each relationship will require some give and take. For many relationships, you may have to put in some effort, for it to stay healthy. Keep reading this article for tips on how to improve your relationships, with virtually anyone in your life.

How to improve your relationships

How To Improve Your Relationships

Seek Out Therapy

If you have an issue with some of the relationships in your life, including your romantic relationships, this may be because of events that transpired early in life. When you are young, you watch those around you, so you will know how to act. In some cases, this is a flawed view and is carried into adulthood. If you didn’t see relationships that were healthy when you were young, you may not learn how to be in one. However, there is help available when it comes to improving your relationships. You can take advantage of therapy and learn how to move on from what you learned as a tyke.

One method of therapy that is thought to help is called object relations therapy, which attempts to change the way you feel about people and situations. In other words, it addresses how you form relationships, so you can start to work on developing healthy ones, even if you were never exposed to them in the first place. You can learn how to make better choices and change your ideas about events that may have affected you in your life.

Work On Yourself

A technique that goes along with seeking therapy is working on yourself. When you take the time to get your act together, you may be able to interact with others better. Some aspects you should consider working on are your diet, your sleeping habits, and making sure that you are doing things that make you feel good. For instance, if you are depressed or in a bad mood often, it can be more difficult to interact with others successfully. Be sure to have some fun upon occasion.

Take Time For Others

Once you are ready to start to nurture your relationships, you should make sure that you take time out of your schedule to check on people you care the most about. Call or text a friend or family member just to see how they are doing. In many cases, it can be difficult to remember to check in with people, but if you take a few minutes every few days to do so, you may see certain relationships become stronger. This can be beneficial for your self-esteem and offer you an ally to talk to when you need to vent or talk about something that is bothering you.


It can also be helpful to listen to what others are saying. Do your best to pay attention to people when they are trying to tell you something. If they feel like they are being ignored, they may become upset and not want to talk to you anymore. Instead, listen to what they have to say, and you might be able to help them solve an issue. Besides that, having healthy interactions with people you care about is good practice for other relationships, where it may be more difficult to get along with someone. Perhaps you have a co-worker that you want to befriend but you have trouble getting a conversation going. When you practice talking and listening to others, you may become better at breaking the ice.

Be Nice, Even When You Don’t Want To

Some days you may not feel like talking or interacting with anyone. Keep in mind that people might want to talk to you when you are feeling like this. If someone you care about calls you, talk to them, even if you don’t feel like it. They may have something important to say that you need to hear. Talking to them might cause you to feel better about your situation as well. When you take the time to say something nice, your friend will remember this, and it can be instrumental in cementing your friendship with each other.

Tell People How You Feel

Another thing that is necessary when you want to improve your relationships is to tell people how you feel about them. If you haven’t seen your best friend in a while, text them and tell them you miss them. Call your parent and tell them you love them. Even taking just a moment out of your day to be honest with someone can make a big difference. On the flip side, if you are unhappy with someone, let them know as well. At times, people that you are mad at have no idea that they have offended you. It is best to work through these issues right away, so you don’t ruin a friendship or a romantic relationship over something that may be a small issue.


When you want to improve different types of relationships in your life, you should do your best to take time out of your day to check in and tell them how you feel. If you have persistent issues with relationships, you may even need mental health support to solve this issue. Keep working at it and see how you can strengthen your bonds with others. You will likely be glad you put in the effort.

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