7 Times Individuals Successfully Sued Big Brands and Won!

7 Times Individuals Successfully Sued Big Brands and Won!

“Justice Always Prevails”

And no matter how small your resources are or how big an entity you are suing, you must have faith in the court of law of your country to uphold that statement. No one has the right to do you wrong or to deceive you and that is what the judiciary protects us against.

To give you some heart and show you that no one can evade justice, here are 7 factual examples of how individuals sued big companies to get what’s right.

Fact – Employee sued McDonald’s for his Obesity

The former manager at the franchise said that he had gained 12 kgs because he was forced to taste food samples to maintain the brand’s quality. A Brazilian court upheld the man’s plea and ordered McDonald’s to pay a compensation of US$ 17,500.

Fact – Beck’s Beer consumers sued for deceptive packaging

The beer aficionados moved the court with a class-action lawsuit stating that the brand did not spell out “Made in US” in their packaging leading consumers to believe they are buying German product. Naturally, the verdict went against Beck’s.

Fact – Benjamin Careathers sued Red Bull for Not Giving him Wings

The consumer sued the caffeine brand for a false slogan. The court’s verdict led Red Bull to pay out US$ 6.5m in total to every consumer who had brought their product since 2002.

Fact – Apple sued for glorifying Siri in commercials

Frank M. Fazio debated that the software in his iPhone 4S was nothing near to what was shown in the ads. Here again, the court took the side of the consumer as “every answer of Siri was wrong”.

Fact – Cynthia Robinson won $23.6 billion lawsuit against R.J. Reynolds

Ms. Robinson sued the tobacco company on behalf of her husband who died of lung cancer after suffering for 10 months. Her lawsuit stated that the company did not warn their consumers about the side effects in spite of knowing it.

Fact – An armed robber won $5 million with his harassment-at-work excuse

Being on trial for armed robbery of a departmental store, Richard Shick convinced a jury in the US that his actions were related to ill-treatment at work. The jury empathised with him even when the store he robbed is not where he worked.

Fact – Man sued the “manly-bike” company Harley-Davidson for losing his manhood

Thomas A. Molinaro sued Harley for his condition and the court ruled that the bike’s faulty throttle was responsible. He received US$ 9.9 million as compensation.

So, if you were thinking of backing down just because there’s a giant at the other end, think again!

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