The Importance of Induction Training

Induction Training

Whenever new employees are brought on board, most businesses engage them in induction training programs to help them get acquainted with their jobs at the organization. They get to develop job-specific skills which will be useful for carrying out their specific tasks. Although some small organizations may not have formal orientation programs put in place, most businesses recognize the importance of having an induction training program. Formalizing such a program offers both internal and external benefits to an organization, some of which are discussed below.

Develops organization culture

An induction training program exposes employees to the philosophies, culture, and values that are part and parcel of the organization. It also facilitates the completion of the necessary paperwork that is required for completing the job-placement process. Having an extensive induction program provides a platform for developing and maintaining a comprehensive organizational culture. Organizations with strong positive cultures help employees to build up teamwork and morale thereby increasing their output.

Consistent implementation

Most modern companies have resorted to using induction training software as they facilitate consistent implementation of good training and orientation programs. Manual planning of orientation and induction processes is subject to human error and other factors that can be effectively handled by using a software program instead. Using such software helps to boost the chances of employee assimilation into the organization’s culture. Also, it enables employees to quickly get accustomed to their jobs and task-specific roles within the organization.

Effective equipment of employees

Employee training involves simulating job-specific roles. Through induction training programs, employees get familiarized with their roles and learn how to effectively carry them out with the available tools. Proper training of employees usually results in improved confidence among them as they seek to carry out their duties which improve service delivery. Also, having a properly trained team at your company helps new employees to quickly get accustomed to their roles within their organization.

Induction Training Improves employee morale

Most managers are tempted to speed up induction and training so that recruits can quickly get down to working. However, it is necessary to accord appropriate time, effort and other resources necessary to facilitate proper employee orientation. This phase is critical in terms of developing employee morale and tenure. According to research, most employees quit their workplaces because they feel dissatisfied with their jobs, usually as a result of not being able to effectively perform their tasks or insufficient comfort at the workplace.


Induction training of employees is a critical first step in bringing recruits up to speed with your organization and their new roles in it. Therefore, it is necessary to effectively carry out this process to ensure that employees understand the organization’s core business and learn effective ways of completing their job-specific roles. This helps to improve service delivery and reduces wastage of resources within the organization. For proper induction of employees, many companies use induction training software to facilitate the process by providing an effective way of orientation and training of employees, consistent with their culture.       

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